DENIED and Quantic Productions are proud to present the bands first official ”bootleg” video. The track Dead Messaiha was filmed at Tingvalla Festival, Märsta/Sweden Saturday the 30:th of August 2014.

DENIED will perform at The Crypt, Linköping/Sweden on Saturday the 27:th of September. For further information use the link down below.

The Crypt 27 sep 2014

On Monday 25th of August, at 6 am in the morning (Swedish time), new single ”Three degrees of evil” will debut on Swedish number one metalradio-channel Bandit Rock. In order to listen using your computer, visit www.ilikeradio.se and choose Bandit Metal. Using your Smartphone, download the Bandit Rock-app and go to Bandit Metal. Or just tune in to Bandit Rock on your radio!


We are very proud to announce that DENIED will take part of the Tingvalla Festivalen 30th of August 2014, Stockholm/Sweden. The gig is between 1810 – 1855.
Free entry! More info at www.tingvallafestivalen.se


DENIED will perform at Harry B James, Stockholm on Thursday the 12:th of June. For further information use the link down below.


Our new single ”Three degrees of evil” is now available to buy on Spotify, Itunes & Amazon
Please visit the websites for more info.


We are proud to announce the release of the official video for the single Three Degrees Of Evil! The video was directed by Fylo and produced by Atom Movie Labs.

A review of our album ”Let them burn” is available on the Swedish metal site www.metalcentral.net
Use the link or read the review down below (use google translation for English etc)


”Jag kan öppet och ärlig erkänna att jag aldrig hade hört talas om DENIED innan denna damp ner i min beiga vardag. Tydligen har de en 10-årig historia med diverse självsläpp på meritlistan och medlemmarna har lirat med bland andra GRAVE, THERION och JADED HEART. Den stora frågan här är dock om de faktiskt alltid hållt så hög nivå som de gör idag. Med tanke på att det tog dem 10+ år att fixa skivkontrakt så känns det väl mindre troligt. Men nu är nu och då var då. Att de till slut lyckats kräma ur sig en fullängdare på bolag känns ytterst välförtjänt med tanke på den höga lägstanivå man uppnår på ”Let Them Burn”. Att killarna varit med förr är direkt hörbart. Musiken andas kvalitet och känns ordentligt genomarbetad. Skivans största behållning är dock sångmelodierna och sången i sig. Johan Fahlberg har en makalös pipa som i sig självt förtjänar all framgång som komma skall (?)”.

I grund och botten är DENIED ett melodiöst heavy metal band, men skarpa drag av thrash är allestädes närvarande. Musikaliskt låter det faktiskt ofta som ett sentida JUDAS PRIEST (”Painkiller” möter ”Jugulator”). Eller varför inte NEVERMORE möter CANDLEMASS möter FIREWIND? Fullständigt solklart nu va? Förenklat passar detta precis ALLA med förkärlek för tung heavy metal och grym sång. Jag ser verkligen fram emot fler plattor från detta gäng!”

Score: 7/10
/Stefan Lejon
14th of April 2014

DENIED - recension - Metal central

To celebrate the band’s ten year anniversary, party and show will be held on Saturday 24th of May at Jackpot Rockbar in Upplands Väsby, Stockholm, Sweden.
Tickets on sale at NOW Clothing and Jackpot Rockbar. Price 100 kr SEK.


New promotion video online. Check it out!

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the German metal site www.burnyourears.de
Use the link or read the review down below.


”DENIED was founded in Sweden in 2003 by guitar player Andreas Carlsson. Even though Andreas has been around in the scene, it took ten years until a stable Line Up was built. Next to Andreas Drummer Pete Dolls (2005), JADED HEART singer Johan Fahlberg and Ex-OPETH guitar player Chris Vowden (both 2009) joined the band. Bass player Fredrik Isaksson (THERINON and GRAVE) followed as last member in 2011. After they have released four EPs in the years after the launch, which have all received very positive reviews, and various support jobs amongst others for SISTERS SIN and DREAM EVIL it was finally time to record the first Longplayer.It is called „Let them Burn“ and includes ten songs, and what can be established after the first song „Judas Kiss“ is the fact that this is much more agressive than for example JADED HEART. Johan Fahlberg really is an exceptionally gifted singer, who proves that he can juggle many balls at once without copying himself. Stylistically DENIED persent themselves as a mixture of Heavy Metal with ocassional parts of Thrash, which however have been utilized very sparingly.

The Swedes play different speeds over and over, bang forward violently as in „Judas Kiss“ or „Constant Rage“ or count on floating beats as in headbangers such as „Dead Messiah“. During the first beats of „Lesser Son“ I immediately had to think of PANTERA, whereas „Garden Of Stone“ starts rather quietly and melancholichly to develop its power in a very dragging rhythm. The guitar tones sound not only on „Lesser Son“ a lot like Dimebag, which is meant as an absolutely positive statement.

The album was mixed by Fredrik Folkare (UNLEASHED) and Rickard Sporrong was responsible for the Mastering. The sound is more than wicked, very pressurized and almost as though it was played live and suits the ten songs perfectly. Next to Johan’s singing I especially like the guitar work by Andreas and Chris, whom not only shine through their headspinning solos and have obviously found the perfect match in each other as a guitar duo. Even though there have been a few EPs, „Let them Burn“ is the debut album of the Swedes and on this level you can be excited for more mischiefs. If there is anything I would criticise, it is the short playtime of a little more than half an hour.

Conclusion: Even though „Let Them Burn“ from DENIED has been out for a few months, this review belongs here. The band, which has been built over a course of years and consists of musicians, who do not need to prove anything to anyone anymore, have released ten brilliant Metalsongs that you should not miss. Johan Fahlberg belongs not only since his engagement with JADED HEART to a pool of great singers in the scene and also with DENIED he proves how great he can adjust his voice and sound to a band. Who does not know the band yet, should listen to „Judas Kiss“, „Seven Times Your Sin“ or „Until The End Of Time“. I think everything else will follow on its own”

Score: 8/10
/Dirk Von Geschrieben
20th of March 2014

We are very proud to present Johan Engström as part of the DENIED family.
Together with Madde Svärd Johan will share the manager position for the band.
With many years as the driving force behind www.metalcentral.net we are convinced that his knowledge and experience from the industry will give the band a whole lot of new opportunities.


We are proud to announce the release of the official video for the song Constant Rage from the new album Let Them Burn! The video was directed by Fylo and produced by Atom Movie Lab.

More then ever we need your support now! We are one of the last 25 of 800 bands that still running to play at Sweden Rock Festival 2014! Bring DENIED to the festival! All is very simple. Use the link that will take you right to the voting page.


You can vote 5 times every day per IP number for DENIED. If you have a smartphone, you can also you that one to vote.

Thanks for all support!

Mer än någonsin behöver vi ert stöd nu! Vi är ett av de sista 25 band av 800 som fortfarande har chansen att spela på Sweden Rock Festival 2014! Hjälp DENIED till festivalen! Allt är mycket enkelt. Använd länken nedan som tar dig direkt till sidan där röstningen sker.


Man kan rösta 5 gånger varje dag per IP nummer för DENIED. Om man har en smartphone, du kan även rösta från den.

Tack för allt stöd!

Grazie per il vostro supporto, degli 800 gruppi selezionati per Sweden Rock Festival, siamo rimasti in 25 e abbiamo bisogno del vostro supporto piu’ che mai! Seguendo il link qua sotto.


Avrete accesso alla pagina per votare DENIED, e’ possibile votare con lo stesso IP solo cinque volte al giorno, si puo’ votare anche via Smartphone.

Grazie ancora per il vostro supporto!

Andreas, Fredrik, Chris, Pete & Johan

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the metal site www.destructive-music.com
Use the link or read the review down below.


”LET THEM BURN is the third full length opus from Swedish heavy/thrashers DENIED. Released through SLIPTRICK RECORDS this new album comes a full five years since their last album NEW ARMY FOR THE OLD REVOLUTION, although there has been a demo and an EP released in the meantime. Opening track JUDAS KISS is pure heavy metal with rigid riffs and sleazy vocals, fast paced and an extremely catchy sing along chorus! From there things continue in much the same fashion and the thrash element is used mainly to bolster the bands main heavy metal sound by giving it a more full bodied and surging style. When heavy metal is done right you get it all, the flowing melodies, the soaring riffs and the hypnotic vocals that pull at your heart and soul and make you feel part of something special. You also get wonderful technical prowess and wandering guitar solos. I’m happy to report that all of these qualities are present in abundance when DENIED are in the mood! A truly enjoyable old school record for a modern age!”
Score: 8/10
/Luke Hayhurst
1th of January 2014


We are very proud to announce that DENIED will take part of the The Untouchables Hard Rock Festival, 1th & 2th of August 2014, Norway.

More info at www.facebook.com/groups/untouchablesrock/
More info at www.facebook.com/events/518996814842148/?fref=ts

Untouchables hard rock festival 2014

2013-12-31 TOP OF THE LIST!
We are very proud to tell you that our album ”Let them burn” has been chosen to be the winner of the 200 best albums of 2013 by Thord Pettersson on the Swedish site www.rocknytt.net!


We are very proud to present and announce Madde Svärd as DENIED´s manager!
/Fredrik, Andreas, Johan, Peter & Chris

IMG_0576 - Kopia

We are proud to announce the release of the official video for the song Garden Of Stone from the new album Let Them Burn! The video was directed by Fylo and produced by Atom Movie Lab.

We are very proud to announce that DENIED will take part of the Väsby Rock Festival, 18th & 19th of July 2014, Sweden.
More info at www.vasbyrockfestival.se

DENIED will perform at Rocks Bar, Stockholm on Saturday the 30:th of November. Don´t miss it! For further information use the link down below.


We are proud to announce the release of the official video for the song Judas Kiss from the new album Let Them Burn! The video was produced by Joe Perrino and directed by Paolo Carboni.

DENIED will perform at Harry B James, Stockholm on Thursday the 7:th of November. For further information use the link down below.
2013-09-14 WE SALUTE YOU!
Thanks to all of you who gave us a such a killer support at Music Biker Fest 2013, Saturday 7th of Sep, Sardinia/Italy!

The setlist for the evening:
1. Judas Kiss
2. Constant Rage
3. Lesser Son
4. Until The End Of Time
5. Seven Times Your Sin
6. The Black Room
7. Garden Of Stone
8. Three Degrees Of Evil
9. Dead Messiah
10. In Hell

We are very proud to announce that DENIED will take part of the Music Biker Fest 2013, Saturday 7th of Sep, Italy.


A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the metal site www.metaltraveller.com
Use the link or read the review down below.


”Denied is a Swedish Metal band from Stockholm, founded by guitarist Andreas Carlsson back in 2003. Let Them Burn is their first album to be distributed internationally, as their first two records were issued as independent releases: Seven Times Your Sin in 2005 and New Army For The Old Revolution in 2008.

All this patience and years of hard work have paid and Denied is now ready to take over the Heavy Metal world. Denied paly traditional high-octane Heavy Metal. In your face. Keep it fast, keep it heavy, keep it true.

But this doesn´t mean that thet sound outdated. Don´t expect any 80´s nostalgic moments, the whole record sounds contempoary. Denied have added some modern elements to the songs structures, some effects to the guitars and the voice, and they have managed created a really powerful sound.

It took time to find the right musicians but Denied has finally a stable line-up. Andreas was joined by Pete Dolls on drums, Johan Fahlberg from Jaded Heart on vocals, Chris Vowden (ex-Opeth) on guitars and finally by Fredrik Isaksson (ex-Therion, ex-Grave) on bass.

With musicians coming from bands playing so different music styles, you can be sure that Denied has incorporated all these different influences to create their own unique blend.

Let Them Burn starts with Judas Kiss, an incredibly powerful song that can be as heavy as groovy.
I´d say it´s somewhere between Judas Priest and Annihilator.

The next tune is called Dead Messiah, and it´s the most melodic song of the album. Yes, it´s also aggressive, especially on vocals. You will discover and unexpected talent from Johan Fahlberg, as his vocal approach is very different from the one used in Jaded Heart. There´s no trace of Hard Rock or AOR when he sings with Denied!

Garden Of Stone is a magnificent power ballad, the kind of song that you want to hear again once it´s finished.

What a way to start a record! Those first 3 songs are totally killer! Did they fire their best shots too fast? Maybe… but the rest of the record is intense too..

Constant Rage is a killer fast song, with a powerful riff and a great chorus that´s easy to remember. Again, the voice are very aggressive yet melodic.

Until The End Of Time is the darkest song of the record. There´s a Sitar sound at the beginning that gives an exotic Indian and oriental feeling, before becoming a heavy and dramatic mid tempo song. his one song, along with the first 3, are my favourite tunes of the record!

Seven Times Your Sin is another fast song with a very catchy chorus and a great riff, just like The Black Room which is a little heavier.

The last song is a fast tune called In Hell. It´s a concentrate of energy, with a couple of blasting shredding solos. In other words, a great way to end the record.

Let Them Burn has 10 direct and strong pure Metal songs that will keep you headbanging for 40 minutes non-stop.

Denied has finally released an album internationally and ready to show th world that they´re capable of.
If you like it halfway between melodic and aggressive, with killer riffs, fast solos, catchy melodies and a great voice, then Let Them Burn was made for you!”

Score: 4/5
30th of July 2013


A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Hungarian metal site www.vaskarc.hu
Please use Google translation for English version etc.
Use the link or read the review down below.


”Azért hogy az ember mennyire is következetlen önmagához, azt magamon pont zenei
téren szoktam észrevenni. Nagyon gyakran ugyanazon indok alapján szokásunk lehúzni egy adott zenét, mint amiért a másikat lefikázzuk, ez pedig nem más, mint hogy a tárgyalt zene nagyon hajaz egy másikra, ám azt már csak a jó ég tudja hogy éppen mikor milyen elbírálást foganatosítunk… Alapvetoen ha nagyon jó a zene, és minden egyértelmu hasonlóság ellenére is megfog valamivel, akkor az ember könnyen szemet húny a kellemetlen tények felett, ám ha nem a zsánerünk az adott mufaj, a koppintott, és/vagy koppintó zenekarról nem is beszélve, na akkor aztán nem várható egykönnyen megbocsájtás. De az a legjobb az egészben, hogy millió kivételt találunk, szóval még ez sincs aranykeretbe foglalva, hogy ennek így kell történnie, mindenesetre azért foleg az elso eshetoség gyakran igaz szokott lenni. Legalábbis nálam az kapásból egy orbitálisan nagy jópontot jelentett, hogy a svéd Denied a harmadik nagylemezén szakasztott Nocturnal Rites/Brainstorm, ami pedig akár csak egy kicsit is felidézi a szintén svéd, immár több mint fél évtizede ”albumtalan” csapatot, valamint a németek korábban azért nagyobb reputációnak örvendo veteránkorú ászait, nos azt én habzsolom eloszeretettel.

Még az sem tud rosszat tenni a Let Them Burn-nek, hogy a 2003-ban alakult Denied élén nem egy tipikus acél által edzett heavy metál torkot találunk, hanem a 10 nagylemezig jutott, 90-es évek elején indult és máig aktív német Hard Rock/AOR csapatból minden bizonnyal sokak által ismert Johan Fahlberget (ez mondjuk az én felkészületlenségem, de a Jaded Heart-ot ha névrol ismertem eddig, már lehet hogy hazudok…), akinek ugyan képzett, mindenfajta megingástól mentes, brutális sikolyokra képes hangja van, de a heavy/power metálos közegbe talán egy nagyon kicsit édeskés és ”rocksztáros”, de a helyzet az, hogy ide ez most pont elonyére válik, tekintve hogy ezeknek a Tad Morose, Brainstorm, Morgana Lefay, Nocturnal Rites-közeli daloknak a gömbölyure formált változatai sokkal inkább egy ilyen klasszikus Hard Rock/Hard’n’Heavy/AOR-típusú éneklést kívánnak meg, semmint egy a szorös tökét kint hordani kívánó heavy metál-állat elementáris ”ordításait”. És hogy a bevezetoben miért is írtam, hogy az ember elnézo az olyan csapatokkal szemben, akiknek a zenéje bár tetszik, hallható kvalitásbeli gondokkal sem küzdenek, de mégiscsak többet nyúltak másoktól az egészségesnél? Mert a Denied egyenesági leszármazottja a Nocturnal Rites-nak és a Brainstorm-nak, Johan Fahlberg pedig úgy énekel, mintha Andy B. Franck és Jonny Lindqvist szerelemgyermeke lenne (fúj, tudom, perverz felvetés, de így adta ki magát a dolog! De azt hiszem, elvi síkon ennyire még lehet önmagunktól liberalizálni a rockújságírást, különben úgy járunk mi is mint az MLSZ, akik világ szégyenére engedtek a homoszexuális lobbinak), ennek megfeleloen itt a zenei produktumot tekintve sok mindenbe tényleg nem lehet belekötni. Az album elso fele kifejezetten bitang eros, Johan Fahlberg teljesítménye a nyitó Judas Kiss-ben majdnem (de csak majdnem, mert valahonnan nyilván már ismerosek voltak az összetevok) seggreültetett, ahogy a Dead Messiah-ba is remek dallamokat írtak neki, mintha a Denied-ék is egy énekközpontú dallamos hard/rock – AOR banda lennének… Holott nem, hiszen kifejezetten életeros riffeket adagol Andreas Carlsson és Chris Vowden, van tehát mire figyelni az éneken túl is…
Az album második felén már inkább a hard rockosan elfolyósabb dalok vannak többségben, jóval alacsonyabb fordulatszámon pörögve, oszintén szóval nem is mindegyik dal tetszik a második etapból, de minoségileg azokban sincsen hiba…aztán a záró In Hell még ad a jónak az eroszakosságával és a sebességcentrikus pörgésével!

Ha meg kellene magyaráznom hogy a Let Them Burn miért csak a ”majdnem” kategória, akkor nyilván azt mondanám hogy a Brainstorm elso három-négy albuma, valamint a 2000 utáni Nocturnal Rites fényében aligha lenne illendo Denied-ékat agyondícsérni, még akkoris, ha a svéd srácok harmadik nagylemeze nagyon szeretheto, hallgattatja magát (csak nem tudom ki aggatta rájuk a thrash metál címkét, mert abból itt még csak mutatóba sincsen!), no meg sikerült is írni pár olyan Nocturnal Rites/Brainstorm ízu heavy/power himnuszt, amelyekre még az ”eredetiek” is simán rábólintanának… Johan Fahlberg-gel pedig az a helyzet, hogyha valamikor is pótolni kéne a Brainstorm-os Andy B. Franck-et aképpen, hogy egy pont olyan stílusú, fordulatokra képes, hangterjedelmu krapekra lenne szükség, akkor o bármikor beajánlható lenne hozzájuk!”

Score: 8,5/10
/Fehér Balázs
26th of July 2013

DENIED will perform at Rocks Bar, Stockholm on Friday the 9:th of August. Don´t miss it! For further information use the link down below.


A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Canadian metal site www.metal-rules.com
Use the link or read the review down below.


”Sweden’s Denied is an underground but emerging band that has the awesome Johan Fahlberg as their singer, the man who has fronted the German melodic metal band, Jaded Heart. Ex Opeth guitarist, Chris Vowden is also among the members of the band. LET THEM BURN is the band’s third album since forming in Stockholm back in 2003 and a real treat. Denied play a style of melodic metal that alternates between tough and thrashy riffs, to more melodic mid-paced aggression. Fahlberg or maybe band founder Andreas Carlsson even throws in the occasional growl for good measure.

LET THEM BURN contains 10 compact tracks, with 7 of the 10 being less than four minutes. The guitars are mostly detuned, a fairly common tone in metal and the rhythms alternate between mid-paced and faster chugs, with glimpses of power metal melodies mixed in to the overall sound. The drumming is top notch, Pete Dolls really helping to hammer these songs home. Rising above it all is Fahlberg, who can be gritty and mid-ranged but also capable of hitting high notes, as “Seven Times Your Sin” demonstrates and “In Hell”. There are many good tunes on here, and the ballad “Garden of Stone” is one of the bright spots where the power metal elements are most noticeable while the ballad manages to have an undercurrent of darkness and avoids being sappy. “Until The End” is the tune that rides the mid-pace tempo with some great vocals from Fahlberg, varied guitar passages and a resolving melodic solo. For those looking more for the thrash inflected parts, “Constant Rage” delivers on that front.

Reference points for the band’s sound would be a combination of Vicious Rumors, Nocturnal Rites, and a dash of Primal Fear, not exactly new or innovative but performed with conviction. The production is also more than decent, and while many of the songs are re-workings of previous releases, having Fahlberg sing those makes all the difference. The band’s real strength is evident around chorus time, where they are able to deliver memorable and strong passages. The only minor weaknesses are a few occasional bland riffs but they are few and far between and more than balanced by the inspired and fiery melodies and guitar solos. Denied is probably on to bigger and better things, now that they have a talented lineup in place and fans of the previously mentioned bands should find Denied an enjoyable addition to their music listening”

Score: 3,5/5
1th of July 2013

DENIED has been picked as the band of the week at the Danish metal site www.callesrockcorner.dk
Use the link or check it out down below!


A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the metal site www.callesrockcorner.dk
Please use Google translation for English version etc.
Use the link or read the review down below.


”Denied er et svensk metal band fra Stockholm. Bandet blev dannet i 2003, men der har været en del udskiftninger gennem de 10 år, der er gået før dette debut fuld længde album. Bandet består nu af grundlægger Andreas Carlsson (guitar), Johan Fahlberg (vokal), Chris Vowden (guitar), Pete Dolls (trommer) og Fredrik Isaksson (bas). Stilen er heavy metal med elementer hentet fra både power metal og thrash metal.

Som sagt er Let Them Burn bandets debut fuld længde album, men de har tidligere udgivet to demo albums og to demo EP’er. Og som jeg har forstået det, så er et par af sangene på dette album nyindspilninger af nogle ”ældre” sange. Men dette album er mit første bekendtskab med Denied.

Albummet består af 10 sange, heraf er de ni af dem metal på højt plan. Dertil er der en rigtig god power ballade i sangen ”Garden Of Stone”. Altså er det lige et album efter min smag, da jeg synes rigtig godt om metal albums, hvor der er blevet plads til en enkelt ballade. Og i det her tilfælde synes jeg det er en rigtig fed power ballade bandet har indspillet. Af de resterende ni sange synes jeg bedst om åbningsnummeret ”Judas Kiss” samt ”Nothing Is Sacred”, ”Until The End Of Time”, den tunge ”Lesser Son” og sidst men ikke mindst den 80’er hard rock inspirerede ”Dead Messiah”. Men alt i alt er det 10 gode sange med en meget høj standard. Sangene er velskrevet, musikerne spiller godt og Johan’s stemme passer godt til musik i denne genre. Musikerne har da også en vis erfaring fra andre bands. Johan har tidligere sunget i Jaded Heart, Chris har spillet guitar i Opeth og Fredrik har spillet bas i Therion og Grave.

Det er bandet selv der har stået for indspilning og produktion og som med producer er Fredrik Folkare fra bandet Unleased. Han har også stået for mixing af albummet. Mastering er foretaget af Rickard Sporrong fra Dugout Productions. Det hele spiller sammmn og lyden er som den skal lyde på et moderne metal album.

Det er lidt svært at sætte bandets musik i en bestemt bås, men jeg vil sammenligne dem med f.eks. Metal Church, Anvil, Firewind, Hammerfall og Accept. Eller en god blanding af disse”

Score: 5/6
24th of June 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the German metal site www.ffm-rock.de
Please use Google translation for English version etc.
Use the link or read the review down below.


”Allein, wenn man den Namen des Sängers hört, nämlich Johan Fahlberg, da denkt man gleich an Jaded Heart, doch mit dieser Band geht es eine Spur härter zu, denn mit dem ehemaligen Opeth-Gitarrist Chris Vowden und Therion-Bassist Fredrik Isaksson sind Männer mit an Bord, die aus verschiedenen Metal Lagern kommen.

Beim Opener „Judas Kiss“ merkt man gleich, dass hier zwar Melodie immer noch vorhanden sein soll, doch das ist ein Track, der zwischen Heavy und Power Metal nur so hin und her schwenkt. Der „Dead Messiah“ ist pumpender Metal pur, griffig, nach vorne gehend und ohne Schnörkel, aber auch die sanfte Seite zeigen DENIED eindrucksvoll, denn „Garden of Stone“ ist ein balladeskes Stück, wo die Stimme von Johan noch voller zur Geltung kommt. Leicht thrashig und fast einen Hauch von Anthrax versprüht „Constant Rage“, um danach mit „Until the End of Time“ einen Mid Tempo Nackenbrecher loszulassen. Auch „Lesser Son“ jagt stampfenden Metal aus den Boxen, um dann mit „Seven Times Your Sin“ ein wenig auf den Spuren von Judas Priest zu wandeln. Die rockende Power bleibt bei „Nothing Is Sacred“ erhalten und auch „The Black Room“ ist reinrassiger Metal. Mehr Gas wird im finalen „In Hell“ gegeben, das ist schon wieder mehr im Power Metal angesiedelt und beendet diese Scheibe.

DENIED haben es mit dieser CD geschafft, Heavy, Power und Thrash Fans gleichermaßen anzusprechen und dementsprechend dürfte die Band auch viel Zuspruch bekommen”.

Score: 8/10
/Jochen Strubel
14th of June 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Spanish metal site www.subterraneoheavy.com
Please use Google translation for English version etc.
Use the link or read the review down below.


”Da gusto cuando cae en tus manos un disco clásico, típico y sin demasiadas pretensiones. Simplemente ser lo que es esto, una buena descarga de adrenalina. Heavy Metal en estado puro.

Desde Estocolmo nos llega el tercer trabajo de DENIED y si bien no hacen nada nuevo, tampoco les hace falta, actitud es lo que hay, energía y mucho feeling. Con ese duelo de guitarras tan característico en este estilo, una batería muy martilleante, y con la voz de Johan Fahlber demostrando un poderío tanto con los graves como con los agudos. Coqueteando en algún momento con un pequeñito gutural.

DENIED parece que quieran abrir una nueva etapa con el vocalista Johan Fahlberg, ya que desde que el grupo naciera en el 2003 ha sufrido muchos cambios, hasta encontrar una formación estable y sobre todo que a la hora de tocar se note compenetración les ha costado un largo camino.

En “Let Them Burn” tienes 10 cortes del más puro y clásico Heavy Metal. De la escuela de PRIMAL FEAR, ACCEPT, JUDAS PRIEST, los antiguos SCORPIONS y un largo etc. Durante todo el disco de hecho te vas a poner a rebuscar tanto con las composiciones como con los títulos de las canciones.

El cd comienza con una potente Judas Kiss, donde tenemos unos riffs rápidos y esas armonías tradicionales, algo que también encontramos en Dead Mesiah. Garden Of Stone es un medio tiempo intenso. El tema con un corte algo más Thrash es Constant Rage, donde las guitarras de Andreas Carlsson y Chris Vowden son un auténtico duelo.

Un tema oscuro es Until The End Of Time, al igual que el siguiente Lesser Son, temas pesados, pausados y contundentes. Cambia el tercio cuando llegamos a Seven Times Your Sin, un clásico en el género, Heavy lo cojas por donde lo cojas, con esos riffs rápidos, y esa voz que te invita constantemente a cantar y seguir el ritmo.

Y ya casi llegamos al final de “Let Them Burn” con una de mis favoritas del disco. The Black Room tiene eso que han de tener. Unas intensas guitarras acompañadas de una poderosa batería. Pero la palma en cuanto a rapidez se la lleva el último corte, In Hell. No cabe duda que han dejado lo mejor para el final.

En general tenemos un disco sin muchas pretensiones, pero que está cargado de melodías pegadizas que de seguro en directo sonarán como un auténtico cañón. Un trabajo que se lo recomiendo a todo amante del clásico Heavy Metal. No te vas a encontrar ninguna sorpresa, ningún virtuosismo, pero antes de que termine el disco estarás tarareando los temas”.

Score: 8/10
/Yoly Malferrari
3th of June 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the metal site www.mariosmetalmania.com
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”This is my first acquaintance with Denied and I must admit that it’s a damn good one!! Looking at the bands logo I was expecting a more thrashy band but the band is playing melodic metal with even some AOR elements. Good musicians and an album to be proud off guys!! Musically they remind me of bands like: MYSTIC PROPHECY, METAL CHURCH, NOCTURNAL RITES and PRIMAL FEAR. Overall, there is no trace of Euro ”Happy” Metal at all, no cheesy orchestration or happy melodies. Expect Heavy Metal in the vein of especially METAL CHURCH (Mike Howe era). Good job guys! Need to get you over to The Netherlands some day!”

Score: 85/100

/Mario Van Dooren

9th of June 2013


A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Berman metal site www.rock-garage-magazine.blogspot.de
Please use Google translation for English version etc.
Use the link or read the review down below.


”Johan Fahlberg dürften vielen von uns als Frontmann der Heavy Rocker JADED HEART bekannt sein. Das der gute Johan mit seinem Organ auch bei einer knallharten Metalband richtig sein würde, hatte ich mir schon oft gedacht. Nun bekommen wir die Bestätigung in Form des Albums „Let them burn“ der Schweden von DENIED wo der gute Johan auch hinter dem Mikro steht.
Gegründet wurde die Truppe 2003 und hat außer Johan selbst noch Ex OPETH GITARRIST Chris Vowden und THERION Bassist Fredrik Isaksson mit an Bord.
Nach mehreren Demos ist es nun Zeit für das Debütalbum „Let them burn“.
Ich denke mal, wenn man das was uns jetzt erwartet als kraftvolle Mischung aus MYSTIC PROPHECY, METAL CHURCH und PRIMAL FEAR beschreibt, trifft man den Nagel auf den Kopf.
Also horchen wir doch mal direkt in den Opener“Judas Kiss“ rein. Und hier fackeln die Jungs nicht lange sondern stürmen direkt mal mit griffigen, krachenden Riffs los. Dazu kommt das passende Organ von Sänger Johan und fertig ist einer der besten, fesselnden Opener, den ich in der letzten Zeit lauschen durfte, klasse!
So wie geht’s weiter? Gut geht’s weiter! Mit dem ebenfalls richtig kraftvollen „Dead Messiah“ setzt man den eingeschlagenen Weg direkt fort und mit dem anschließenden etwas langsameren „Garden of Stone“ setzt man, was die Eingängigkeit angeht, dem Ganzen nochmal die Krone auf. Was eine kraftvolle Nummer und vor allem was für geniale ersten drei Tracks!
Beim folgenden „Constant Rage“ wird das Gaspedal bis zum Anschlag durchgetreten, leider ein wenig auf Kosten der Eingängigkeit und der Melodic, hier kommen Speed Fans richtig auf ihre Kosten.
Im Mittelteil erwartet uns dann das etwas epische „Until the End of Time“, der Stampfer „Lesser Son“ und das ganz ordentliche „Seven Times your Sin“. Ganz so stark wie der erste Teil, ist man hier nicht, aber gut hörbar und weit von einem Ausfall entfernt ist das Ganze hier auf jeden Fall trotzdem!
Der letzte Abschnitt hält mit „The Black Room“ und dem abschließenden „In Hell“ zwei weitere starke Songs bereit, so das der Gesamteindruck dieses Debütalbum abschließend nur als sehr ordentlich betitelt werden kann!


Viele starke Songs sind hier vertreten, die aussagekräftigsten sind mit Sicherheit der Opener “Judas Kiss”, “Dead Messiah”, “Garden of Stone”, “Lesser Son” und “The Black Room”.

Fazit :

Bislang waren mir die Schweden von DENIED absolut kein Begriff, Sänger Johan war mir auch nur von JADED HEART bekannt. Das der Junge aber auch die richtig heftigen Songs vertonen kann beweist er uns nun auf diesem kraftvollen, mitreißenden Debütalbum. Das Ding ist richtig geil produziert und wird euch den Staub aus den Boxen blasen, das kann ich euch auf jeden Fall schon mal versprechen!
Ich bin auf jeden Fall sehr begeistert von “Let them burn” gewesen und werde nun den weiteren Werdegang von DENIED ganz genau verfolgen.
Eine ganz klare Kaufempfehlung gebe ich euch hier auf jeden Fall mit auf den Weg!”

Score: 9/10
3th of May 2013

DENIED will perform at Messingen on Saturday the 14:th of September together with Rage Of Angels, Lover Under Cover & Barbe Q Barbies. For further information please visit www.miczaevent.se


Guitarist Andreas Carlsson has been interviewed by the local newspaper Mitt I Upplands Väsby.

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Austrian metal site www.earshot.at
Please use Google translation for English version etc.
Use the link or read the review down below.


”Die schwedischen Heavy Metaller von DENIED sind eine All-Star Band bestehend aus ehemaligen Mitgliedern von THERION, GRAVE und OPETH und haben sich nun mit Johan Fahlberg, den Fronter von JADED HEART, starke Verstärkung geholt. Sein Debüt gab er bereits auf der EP „Judas Kiss“ und zeigt nun auch auf dem Debüt „Let Them Burn“, was er drauf hat – ebenso natürlich die Instrumentalfraktion.

Obwohl es DENIED bereits seit 2003 gibt, ist „Let Them Burn“ deren erstes richtiges Album mit einem Label im Rücken, obwohl es schon einige selbstproduzierte Demos gibt. Dieser Release bietet für Freunde von melodischem Heavy Metal massig guten Stoff und Hymnen zum Mitsingen. Mit „Judas Kiss“ und „Dead Messiah“ bieten die Schweden starke Banger, die vom Riffing her dezent an JUDAS PRIEST erinnern und eingängig und schwungvoll aus den Boxen donnern. Die Produktion stimmt, die Riffs sind knackig und die Vocals laden zum Mitsingen ein. Johan macht eine wirklich gute Figur. Nicht ganz so kraftvoll, dafür umso hymnischer tönt das ruhiger gehaltene „Garden Of Stone“ mit seinen cleanen Gitarren und dem getragenen Gesang. Danach muss das Tempo natürlich wieder angehoben werden – und DENIED enttäuschen nicht und liefern mit „Constant Rage“ den nächsten Knaller. Im weiteren Verlauf variieren die Schweden etwas im Tempo um das Album spannend und dynamisch zu halten, der Härtegrad bleibt jedoch schön über dem Durchschnitt und die Gitarristen bieten fette Riffs, gelungene Soli und eingängige Leads. Alles was ein echtes Heavy Metal-Album braucht.

DENIEDs Debüt „Let Them Burn“ ist eine wirklich gelungene Sache, die zwar nicht viel Neues bietet, das aber auch gar nicht will. Melodischer Bangstoff für jedermann sozusagen”.

Score: 5,5/7
/Max Wollersberger
30th of April 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Austrian metal site www.stormbringer.at
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”Auch schon wieder seit 2003 gibt es die Schweden von DENIED. Gegründet von Gitarristen und Sänger Andreas Carlsson. 2005 spielte man das DemoAlbum ”Seven Times Your Sin” ein und konnte damit erste lokale Erfolge einfahren. Damals kam es auch zu den ersten Umbesetzungen und 2008 wurde das zweite DemoAlbum ”New Army For The Old Revolution” veröffentlicht.

Die Jungs haben sich auch einen Ruf als exzellente Liveband erspielt und dabei Bands wie DREAM EVIL, SISTER SIN, ENTOMBED supported. 2009 durfte man dann schlussendlich den JADED HEART-Sänger John als neuen Fronter und Ex-OPETH-Gitarristen als neuen Mann an den sechs Saiten präsentieren. 2011 begann man mit den Aufnahmen zum offiziellen Debüt ”Let Them Burn” und hier dürfen wir es euch mit etwas Verspätung nun präsentieren.

Die Buben bezeichnen ihre Musik als ”Heavy Metal”. Samma sich ehrlich, das isses auch, mit knallhartem, modernem aber nicht unnatürlichem Sound und fest ins Power Metal-Schubladerl gebettet. Ab und zu garniert man den musikalischen Kuchen mit einigen Thrashriffs, aber alles in allem bleibt man melodiös.

Das liegt auch am Gesang von Johan Fahlberg, der anfangs begeistert, über die volle Distanz allerdings etwas zu gleichförmig im mittelhohen Bereich bleibt. Er bringt dann in der zweiten Albumhälfte dann zwar noch zwei, drei Ausreißer nach oben unter, aber insgesamt ist da noch mehr drinnen. Auch wenn ich hier auf hohem Niveau raunze. Generell leidet das Album etwas am einfarbigen Songwriting über die volle Distanz, auch wenn mit ”In Hell” ein absoluter Kracher das Album abschließt.

Für Leute die unbedingt eine Einordnung brauchen: Moderne VICIOUS RUMORS treffen auf METAL CHURCH und COMMUNIC.
Noch befindet man sich nicht auf dem Niveau der vorgenannten Bands, aber für ein Debüt ist das schon mal recht ordentlich, zumal man auch soundmäßig absolut zu überzeugen weiß.
Ein bisschen an den Arrangements feilen und einige Refrains etwas sicherer landen und das Album wäre schon jetzt ein Hammer. Die Band sollte man aber unbedingt im Blickfeld behalten!”

Score: 3,5/5
/Christian Wiederwald
28th of April 2013

The world´s largest metal website, www.blabbermouth.net has Tuesday 23th of April posted news about DENIED. Use the link down below to check it out!

DENIED will headline two shows in Italy with support from Rollin Gang, Burning Ground & Last Melody.
02.05.2013 CAGLIARI / FBI Club (support Rollin Gang & Burning Ground)
03.05.2013 SERRAMANNA / Union Square Bar (support Lost Melody)

We are very proud to announce that DENIED will take part of the Haninge Rock Festival 2013, Saturday 24th of Aug, among artists like Destruction, Jorn, Evergrey and others.

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the German metal site www.metalglory.de
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”Dass die deutschen Melodic Rocker Jaded Heart durch Johan Fahlberg am Miko an Härte zugelegt haben, ist offensichtlich. Umso nachvollziehbarer, dass Herr Fahlberg mit seinem Organ sich eigentlich in einer waschechten Heavy Metal-Kombo noch wohler fühlen dürfte. DENIED heißt diese Band, bei der neben Fahlberg auch noch der ehemalige Opeth-Gitarrist Chris Vowden sowie Therion-Bassist Fredrik Isaksson mit von der Partie sind. Bereits 2003 wurde die Band gegründet, nach mehren Demos ist es nun höchste Zeit für ein erstes Album.

„Let them burn“ macht seinem Namen alle Ehre. Cover und Schriftzug legen den Stil fest: Hier wird brachialer Metal geboten, im Stil von Mystic Prophecy, Metal Church, Primal Fear und sogar ein bisschen Anthrax. Wuchtige Riffs treffen auf Elemente aus Thrash und Power Metal – mit Jaded Heart hat das hier nichts mehr zu tun, wenn Johan Fahlberg bei „Judas Kiss“ loslegt. Die Melodien sind trotzdem eingängig, treten aber zu Gunsten der fetten Riffs meist in den Hintergrund. Auch „Garden of Stone“ legt zunächst langsam los, entfaltet dann aber eine enorme Energie. Im zweiten Teil der Scheibe wird es nochmals eine Spur härter – dafür aber auch etwas zu gleichförmig. Bei „Seven Times Your Sin“ und „Nothing Is Sacred“ kann man kaum Unterschiede ausmachen, was nicht heißen soll, dass DENIED hier immer noch auf sehr hohem Niveau rocken.

Insgesamt ein hartes Meldic Metal-Album von DENIED, die mit Johan Fahlberg auf jeden Fall einen Klasse Sänger am Start haben. Für Fans der o.g. Bands bietet „Let them Burn“ eine angenehme Überraschung, und auch Thrash und Old School US Metaller sollten mal einen Blick riskieren”.

Score: 7,5/10
14th of April 2013

Guitarist Andreas Carlsson has been interviewed by the metal site www.metalfields.net.
Use the link to check it out!

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Czech metal site www.metalforever.info
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”Ty řeči o důležitosti třetího alba určitě dobře znáte. V případě švédských Denied sice neznám kompletní předchozí dva albové kroky (navíc na stránkách kapely označované jako demo), které za deset let svého působení udělali, ale už jen z důvodu, aby si člověk udělal obrázek o vývoji, završeném takovou peckou, jako je jejich aktuální album ”Let Them Burn”, určitě bude stát za to si udělat podrobnější výlet do jejich historie. I když z útržkovitých stop minulosti je celkem snadno odvoditelné, že ta definitivně vítězná vlna se vzedmula teprve před čtyřmi lety angažováním charismatického pěvce Johana Fahlberga (asi netřeba zdůrazňovat, že jeho domovinou jsou hardrockeři Jaded Heart).

Ne snad, že by Johan nějak zásadně otočil stylovým kormidlem kapely. Denied se od počátku své kariéry drží přímé linie ohraničené pojmy heavy – melody, dovedně pokroucené díky pojmům power – thrash – hard, a o tom, že si kapela stojí i za svojí starší tvorbou svědčí fakt, že na aktuální desce je i pár oprášených a nově nahraných skladeb z prvních dvou demáčů. Budeme-li hledat přibližný komparační materiál (z té melodičtější strany), stačí z rodného Stockholmu poskočit o pár set kilometrů na sever, kde lze narazit na krajany Nocturnal Rites, případně navštívit naše germánské sousedy Brainstorm. A budete-li toužit po výraznější agresi, o kterou u Denied taky není problém narazit, možná si vzpomenete na Vicious Rumors či Metal Church. Jednoduše řečeno, Denied velice suverénně provozují přímočarý, úderně nekompromisní, melodický, lehce zamračený metal. Do kterého Johan se svým rockově nakřáplým, silným a variabilním vokálem dokázal nasypat velice štiplavé koření. A když k tomu přidáte divokou a jiskřící spolupráci kytaristů, neústupně houževnatou a razantní rytmiku i čistý a vyvážený zvuk, je na výbornou desku zaděláno.

Velkou předností ”Let Them Burn” je, že neztrácí tah na bránu, je přesvědčivá v razantních i vláčnějších polohách a i přes poměrně jasnou strukturu (po prvních třech skladbách je tak nějak jasné, co se bude v dalších minutách odehrávat) a barevnost nálad se dokáže ve finále vytasit i s nečekaným (drobným) překvapením. Z téhle věty je předpokládám jasné, kde osobně hledám ty zásadní momenty alba. Úvodní ”Judas Kiss”, strhující jízda s výrazným refrénem, nejmelodičtější uvolněná ”Dead Messiah”, dokonale kombinující agresi se zpěvností (skvělý, až stadiónově halekací motiv) a baladická ”Garden Of Stone”, s procítěně vypjatým Johanovým vokálem. Ano, je to ta zmíněná úvodní trojka, ale znovu připomínám, zbytek alba neztrácí nic na kvalitě, to jen ten moment překvapení už není tak intenzivní. Až do okamžiku, kdy zazní závěrečná zdivočelá ”In Hell”, do které kluci dokázali napěchovat i vzteklou klackovitost samotných Skid Row.

Bez nějakých cavyků a dlouhých řečí přiznávám, že na mě Denied udělali sakra dobrý dojem”.

Score: 8,5/10
9th of April 2013


A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on swedish the metal site www.criticalmass.se
Use the link or read the review down below.

”Maybe I´m not the right writer to review Denied because this type of powerthrash does´nt really belong in my homeground but that makes is just more exciting. Denied consists of a bunch of Stockholmers who all have big experience in the business and have played in other more or less known bands and it really shines through because this is a wonderful debut preceded only by two albums with a different singer.

After listening through it once Im not really sure what they mean? Even if i can hear that the production and the craft are top notch!
I think it diverts to much, sounds like to many other bands, dont find it fresh. But then by the second listening something grabs hold of me and considerably with the albums second half, beginning with ”Until the end of time”, ”Lesser son” ( best song on the album ) ”Seven times your sin”, ”Nothing is sacred” and ”The black room” which is unbeliavably more thrashy and darker than the albums first half and in my opinion much better. The difference between the first and second half of the album is so great that, if this were an LP you would have thought that the A and B sides were two different bands. But if you consider the B-side then it´s extraordinary good where Denied are in a landscape of traditional Powermetal where singer Johan Fahlbergs voice belongs with a heavy Candlemass thrashlike groove and Nevermore like frenesy.

Incredibly good in big pieces, maybe not particularly modern when it comes to sound and artwork but very classy stilewise and when Denied choose the darker approach I feel that this a band that I definately want to follow and hopefully our paths will cross at some festival this summer”.

Score: 4/5
/Petter Pettersson
3th of April 2013

2013-04-07 Videorecording completed!
This weekend we have shot scenes in and outside of Stockholm that will appear in TWO videos! Make sure to watch out for the final results! Special thanks to Fylo, Charlotte, Janis & Nicke for all the great help and support!

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the metal site www.seaoftranquility.org
Use the link or read the review down below.

”With ex-Therion bassist Fredrik Isaksson onboard, Denied have been doing the rounds for around ten years now, releasing between 2005 and 2008 two solid albums of power metal with a strong hint of traditional thrash values. However it is the arrival of Johan Fahlberg – the frontman of German melodic hard rockers Jaded Heart – that finds the quintet (completed by drummer Pete Dolls and guitarists Chris Vowden (Hydrogen) and Andreas Carlsson), stepping things up a gear, with album number three Let Them Burn revealing their true potential.

The plan is simple, take elements of some Metal giants – Judas Priest, Metallica, Metal Church, Vicious Rumors – and add a slight Euro twist ala Primal Fear. Then put the foot to the floor and hammer through ten songs of high octane metal majesty that doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. But then it doesn’t need to.

Lead track from the pre-album EP of the same name released last year, ”Judas Kiss” hits the ground at full pelt. No warning, no flouncy intro, just simply plug in, turn the amps up to eleven and get the kick drums battering at maximum warp. How refreshing! Fahlberg is a real find considering his far more melodic past, with a real power and passion spitting out through every word, before he proves that he can also mix the smoothness he’s known for with altogether fierier outbursts on mid-paced stomper ”Dead Messiah”. Dolls nails every beat to the floor allowing the bass lines from Isaksson to have a freedom and fluency, although there’s no denying that it is Carlsson and Vowden who take this album by the scruff of the neck and give it a violent shake. ”Garden Of Stone” eases back on the ferocity, while ”Constant Rage” heads in the other direction, but both still somehow manage to have the same intensity and end result – throwing shapes and banging heads as they do so. Then bring to the party the sledgehammer stomp of ”Lesser Son”, the fret burning ”Seven Times Your Sin”, where a clever tempo change marks out a cool chorus, ”The Black Room” which sounds like less intense Pantera with Zakk Wylde howling and screaming on guitar and the thrust and parry of ”In Hell” which closes things triumphantly, making Let Them Burn a beast of an album from start to finish.

Some will point out that not much on the third offering from Denied, which in many cases actually (very successfully) reworks tracks from the band’s first two releases, could be considered new, or innovative. However every now and then a band comes along who operate at such a convincing level, that the fact they work within an already well plundered field matters not a jot. No one can deny that Denied are one such band.
Stack the fire high and Let Them Burn!!!”

Score: 4/5
/Steven Reid
29th of March 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Italian metal site www.metallized.it
Please use Google translation for English version etc.
Use the link or read the review down below.


”Nomi conosciuti quelli che compongono la formazione svedese dei Denied, giunti in questo inizio 2013 alla loro terza fatica in studio. La band originaria di Stoccolma, formatasi dieci anni or sono, si avvale infatti di almeno due figure di grande rilievo, quali il chitarrista Chris Vowden, noto per essere stato tra i primissimi membri degli Opeth, nonché per aver suonato in molte altre band più o meno conosciute (ricordiamo, ad esempio, gli Expulsion, che contribuirono alla scena doom/death di metà anni Novanta dando alle stampe due full length), ed il bassista Fredrik Isaksson, il quale militò nei Therion ai tempi del loro quarto disco in studio, Lepaca Kliffoth, e successivamente nei Grave, coi quali è stato impegnato dal 2001 fino al 2010. Alla voce troviamo invece Johan Fahlberg (attivo anche nella band hard rock tedesca degli Jaded Heart), cantante con un’impostazione vocale molto adatta al genere proposto, mentre l’altra chitarra è affidata ad Andreas Carlsson, unico elemento della formazione originale. Alla batteria troviamo infine Pete Dolls, entrato a far parte del gruppo nel 2005, ma presente solo dal secondo disco in studio.
Dopo questa panoramica relativa alla composizione della line-up, addentriamoci più da vicino nel disco. Let Them Burn si presenta con una copertina che non ha certo le sembianze di un’opera d’arte, ma è a suo modo essenziale e ben esplicativa dei contenuti effettivi dell’album. Quest’ultimo è infatti un condensato esplosivo di heavy metal sapientemente filtrato attraverso ritmiche veloci ed in costante ravvicinamento con un thrash metal sporco, elemento ora rimarcato dalle due chitarre, ora da una sezione ritmica sempre sugli scudi. A prevalere è comunque il lato heavy, anche e soprattutto per la presenza di Fahlberg, cantante dotato di una voce multiforme, capace di dare corposità a certi pezzi (Judas Kiss, Dead Messiah…) come di addolcirne altri con melodie calde ed armoniose (Garden of Stone). Let Them Burn si avvale inoltre di un lavoro di produzione molto ben fatto, che rende giustizia alle intenzioni della band svedese.

Le iniziali Judas Kiss e Dead Messiah sono due esempi tra loro correlati del lato aggressivo e marcatamente thrash dei Denied, nonostante la seconda si presti maggiormente alla melodia, in special modo negli ottimi refrain che riescono nell’intento di rimanere in testa per un lasso di tempo molto ampio. Sulla medesima scia si pone Constant Rage, che ricorda nelle sue strofe la furia sonora tipica di band come Overkill e Rage, mentre si differenziano dalle altre tracce soprattutto due canzoni: la stupenda Garden of Stone, in cui la voce di Fahlberg si fa finalmente notare in tutta la sua potenza ed ecletticità, mentre le chitarre si destreggiano in riff ed assoli dallo stile spiccatamente melodico, ed Until the End of Time, più cadenzata e moderata rispetto alle altre, pur mantenendo un impianto heavy/thrash. La seconda metà del disco è meno ispirata rispetto a quanto sentito finora, lo si nota facilmente in pezzi come Lesser Son, troppo ripetitiva e stancante, Nothing Is Sacred, canzone che sembra aver ben poco da dire ed appare addirittura slegata tra una strofa e l’altra, ed in The Black Room, poco più che un riempitivo, dato che nulla aggiunge alla dignitosa prova del combo svedese. Si salvano da un giudizio negativo la mediocre ma cattivissima Seven Times Your Sin, anche per merito di alcuni grandiosi acuti finali del solito Fahlberg, nonché la conclusiva In Hell, una miccia esplosiva capace di farci drizzare le orecchie e prodigarci in un furioso headbanging, meritevole di essere posta tra le migliori dell’intero album.”

Score: 73/100
/Arturo Zancato
27th of March 2013

For the first time in the history of DENIED, the band will head to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, next weekend (5-7 April) to do a video recording! Make sure to check out the final result in the near future!

Guitarist Andreas Carlsson has been interviewed by the metal site www.behindtheveil.hostingsiteforfree.com.
Use the link or read the review down below.


1. First of all I’d to know what have DENIED been up to ever since the release of your sophomore full length work, “New Army for the Old Revolution”. Why did it take you five years to release a new full length?

As you´ve noticed, we´ve had some line-up changes. So from the ”New Army” line-up there is only Andreas and Pete left. Well, we have been searching for record deals and doing some gigs with first me and then Fredrik just to get warmed up. This time we also took our time to get the songs and production right, we didn’t feel there was any hurry at all. We started working on ”Let them Burn” almost two years ago I think.

2. What made you form a band of your own in the first place? Which are some of your biggest influences?

I guess this is a question that Andreas should answer but he started DENIED somewhere back in 2003 I think. Music has been in his blood since he was a kid so I guess It was only natural for him to pick up the guitar and get going. Biggest influences? They are far too many to mention I’m afraid, everything from pop through jazz to death metal!

3. If you had to write a review for “Let them Burn” what would you say trying to be as objective as possible? Why should the metal heads check it out? What does it have to offer them?

I would say that ”Let them Burn” is a solid and well produced metal album with good songs, catchy choruses and also there is a variation between the songs that I dig really much so check it out. We don’t wear hoods or cover ourselves in makeup and dress like the pope but we do give you a straight-out ballsy heavy metal album!

4. Taking into consideration your previous releases, how would you say your sound has changed and evolved all these years?

First of all I think that Johan’s voice has added a new dimension to the music, we now dare to take our music in different directions. We are also not afraid to write different kinds of songs, just check out the difference between ”Garden of Stone” and ”Constant Rage” for instance.

5. What kind of procedure do you follow when you compose songs? How do you get into this intense mood that is so necessary in order to make the songs sound exactly like you want them to?

It usually starts when I go to Andreas home studio where we work on some ideas he has begun. From there we do a pre-production on the songs. After, we rehearse the songs with the other guys to try to get the feel of the songs. If there is something we need to change we just go back to the studio and fix it! Then we start to record the songs professionally and this is when I start with the lyrics.

6. How do you “know” when a song is ready and you stop working on it?

Probably when we grow tired of it!

7. Which song or songs do you think are the most ideal to represent the whole album’s essence?

I would probably say, ”Dead Messiah ”, ”Garden of Stone” and ”Constant Rage” because there is such a big variation between these songs that represent the whole album.

8. Most thrash bands deal with topics like society and politics. Do you have the same interests as well? Which are your sources of inspiration when it comes to the lyrics? Which are the main topics you deal with?

I deal with all kinds of topics, but for the last five years I´ve been through my own personal hell and much of that comes out in the lyrics. I also write a lot about organized religion which is not new to the world of heavy metal lyricism but I just feel a lot of rage concerning this topic. I know many people whose lives are being suppressed by religion one way or another and there is nothing I can do about it! Some of the lyrics deal with child abuse and since I have three kids of my own the writing process really pains me sometimes. But it is also a way for me to channel my frustration in a more positive direction.

9. Why did you name the album “Let them Burn”? What do you want to express with it and who are you referring to?

The title is kind of a finger to those who have not shared our vision and what happens if you cross our path!

10. Who created the cover artwork? It’s old school and I love it! What does it show and how is it connected to the album title and lyrics?

The cover was done by a friend of mine, an artist named Alexander Lifbom and the general idea was to give a hint to people who didn’t believe in DENIED in the first place. Thank you for mentioning the term ”old school”. This WAS actually our idea, to create something that reminded us of the older album covers like LPs where you could just sit and stare at the cover for hours discovering new details every time.

11. Do you have any plans for live shows or a tour? Has this worldwide financial crisis negatively influenced touring?

Yes, we do have plans. A few festivals I hope and when it comes to touring I can’t reveal anything right now but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

12. The music industry has many problems which make things difficult for a band to exist and keep producing albums. So, what’s your secret? How do you hold it together and how do you finance your band?

If I told you then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore? I think that we concentrate more on the digital market for sure even though I like physical CDs better. There is not much more you can do but go out there and play your ass off and that is what DENIED is good at, to give one hell of a show every time.

13. Have you made any video clips? With YouTube I think videos have started becoming a necessity for bands again. How helpful is the Internet?

The Internet is extremely helpful… I mean, just think about what Facebook does for instance. You reach out to so many people which is great! And not to mention YouTube. I do on the other hand feel that some bands get overexposed so I think there has to be some kind of balance to it, I don’t want to see too much of my favourite bands because I tend to get tired of them. Videos? Well, we do have plans for such but I won’t spoil everything by telling you which song. You´ll just have to wait.

14. What kind of feedback have you received thus far? Can you mention a comment, be it positive or negative, serious or funny, that impressed you?

We´ve had so much positive feedback it´s insane! People have really loved this album and we are really putting the pressure on ourselves to make the next one even better. Many reviewers have mistaken us for a thrash band. There are elements of thrash in our music but only in small doses.

15. Is there a phrase that you think describes DENIED as a band and your music in the best possible way?

Yes, reborn old men playing Metal! No seriously… Easy and listenable heavy metal for all ages I would say!

16. How do you want your music to make your fans feel?

I would want them to feel the same way the band feels: happy! Of course the lyrics aren’t happy at all but I can’t write about rainbows and balloons. I wouldn’t know how! But when you go to a DENIED concert we want to give you a good show!

17. Sweden has a really powerful scene. Many think this is an advantage. Is it so? Does the abundance of bands over there make things more difficult for new comers to stand out?

Yes and no I would say. In my opinion there are far too many bands in Sweden so it tends to get a bit crowded. There is a lot of focus on Swedish bands and maybe we do have an advantage but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to climb uphill like any other band in the world.

18. Thank you! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks a million and be sure to check out DENIED this year because if you don’t… we will haunt you for sure!!

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Italian metal site www.truemetal.it
Please use Google translation for English version etc.

”Un’autentica colata d’incandescente metallo questo “Let Them Burn“, terza fatica in studio degli svedesi Denied, pronti a sprigionare tutta la potenza dell’Heavy Metal più classico e melodico in poco meno di quaranta minuti di musica. Non avrebbe potuto essere diversamente del resto. Nel gruppo, infatti, sono coinvolti musicisti del calibro di Fredrik Isaksson (basso, Therion) e Chris Wovden (chitarra, Opeth). A completare la Line Up ecco poi il batterista Pete Dolls, il cantante Johan Fahlberg (Insania, Scudiero e Jaded Heart) ed infine il chitarrista Andreas Carlsson.

A ben cinque anni di distanza dall’ultima fatica (intitolata “New Army For The Old Revolution“), i nostri si ripresentano sul mercato con un album davvero notevole. Fin dalle prime battute dell’opera, i Denied si preparano a devastare le orecchie dell’ascoltatore con una manciata di brani semplici, perfettamente strutturati e soprattutto, in grado di catturare immediatamente l’attenzione di chi ascolta, permettendo così all’opera di scorrere agevolmente fino alla fine.

Arricchito infine da un’ottima produzione, “Let Them Burn“ inizia con la splendida “Judas Kiss“, breve ma feroce assalto Heavy contraddistinto da una serie di riff granitici, spezzati da un coro melodico ed orecchiabile.
Sulla medesima scia segue la potente “Dead Messiah“, che può contare su una componente melodica ancora più pronunciata, ben evidenziata nell’ottimo refrain che arriva come una manna dal cielo, pronto a spezzare brevemente la furia sprigionata dai crudi riff allestiti dalle due chitarre.
Nel breve volgere di qualche istante, i toni si addolciscono ulteriormente e la melodia diventa l’assoluta protagonista della splendida “Garden Of Stone“, sublime ballad malinconica e ricca di pathos, perfettamente interpretata dal bravo singer. Ecco poi la devastante “Constant Rage“, ipnotica ed oscura nel suo sviluppo, caratterizzata da una serie di assolo lancinanti e di ottima fattura. Con la massiccia “Until The End Of Time“, l’album sembra tingersi di cupe atmosfere orientaleggianti, per un brano epico ed in grado di travolgere l’ascoltatore in un turbine di potenza e melodia.

Ottima anche la cadenzata e maligna “Lesser Son“, dominata come sempre da un ottimo lavoro chitarristico che sembra portare il disco degli svedesi su sentieri più tipicamente Thrash. La colata lavica avviata dalle precedenti canzoni, non accenna ad arrestarsi e anche la furiosa “Seven Times Your Sin“ risulta essere un altro episodio violento ma elegante, in cui la melodia è sempre comunque in primo piano. Le successive “Nothing Is Sacred“, “The Black Room“ e soprattutto la malvagia “In Hell“, concludono egregiamente un album che non ha cali di tensione e che rappresenta un’inarrestabile discesa agli inferi…

Ottimo lavoro!”
Score: 8/10
/Francesco Sgrò
18th of March 2013

Guitarist Andreas Carlsson has been interviewed by the metal site www.hardrockhaven.net
Use the link to check it out!


A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Italian metal site www.aristocraziawebzine.blogspot.it
Please use Google translation for English version etc.

”Gli svedesi Denied con calma giungono alla terza uscita, quella della maturità, pronti a dimostrare di essere realmente cresciuti, confermando quanto di buono dimostrato con i precedenti album ”7 Times Your Sin” e ”New Army For The Old Revolution”.
La formazione guidata dal chitarrista Andreas ”Andy” Carlsson ha pubblicato un ”Let Them Burn” molto, ma molto bello, c’è tutto quello che si cerca in un’uscita di stampo heavy/thrash, fra cui i pezzi che pestano scatenati su ritmiche up-tempo e si fanno largo sfruttando i muscoli, in questa categoria sono inseribili l’opener ”Judas Kiss”, ”Constant Rage”, ”Seven Times Your Sin” e ”In Hell”.
Di nomi in testa ve ne verranno davvero tanti ascoltando il disco, tuttavia nulla che sia definibile ”happy”, a esempio i sottovalutatissimi Morgana Lefay, Nocturnal Rites, Judas Priest e qualcosa dei Candlemass (magari vocalmente più quelli con Mats Leven che altri), credetemi qui di ”happy” con ritornelli a cantilena e riff da canzoncina da sigla per cartone animato non c’è davvero nulla.

Il sound è scuro anche quando le melodie prendono il largo in ”Dead Messiah”. La semi-ballata ”Constant Rage” è una canzone tutt’altro che leggerina e melensa, mantiene una dose di toni grevi che la rendono maggiormente affascinante; il groove insito in episodi quali ”Lesser Son” e ”The Black Room” non fa altro che aumentare il peso già sostanzioso di una scaletta che non solo non possiede momenti di vuoto, ma che a ciò che ha presentato sinora somma anche un’atmosfera quasi epica nella stupenda ”Until The End Of Time” e in ”Nothing Is Sacred”, nella quale spicca il ritornello.

Gli ingranaggi sono ben oliati e girano in modo da far funzionare l’intero complesso, se la sezione ritmica delle chitarre di Carlsson e Vowden è sempre piacevolissima, Chris (ex di Abnormity, Absurd, Expulsion, Hydrogen, Mouthpeace e Stressfest) con gli spazi ritagliati per le esecuzioni solistiche aggiunge con bravura quell’orpello che adorna degnamente le canzoni.
Johan Fahlberg (Jaded Heart, ex Scudiero e Insania) dietro al microfono si difende bene, è abile nell’addolcirsi quando serve senza però scadere in un approccio ”facilone”, mentre l’asse basso-batteria composto dalle figure di Fredrik Isaksson (Excruciate, ex Grave e Therion) e Pete Dolls è roccioso quanto dinamico, assecondando le voglie e la più che discreta varietà del songwriting.
”Let Them Burn” è figlio di una realtà che con continuità invia segnali di crescita, anche la produzione si pone a suo favore, rendendo distinguibili in maniera più che efficiente i singoli strumenti e la voce, mi chiedo davvero come mai questi scandinavi abbiano ricevuto così poca attenzione da parte delle grandi etichette.

I Denied confermano di essere in palla e a quelli che come il sottoscritto sono stanchi di uscite heavy/power mosce da morire, riempite di ”trallalerò trallalà” inutili e che invece vanno ricercando una mazzata dotata sia di cattiveria che di melodia, consiglio vivamente di ascoltare e acquistare il disco, sono bravi e personalmente glielo riconosco, voi che ne dite?”

Score: 8/10
/Gabriele Strano
18th of March 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Spanish metal site www.rocktotal.com. Please use Google translation for English version etc. Use the link or read the review down below.


”Queda claro que con cada disco la banda sueca DENIED sigue sumando enteros para convertirse en referente del metal europeo melódico. Siguiendo las directrices de bandas ya consagradas, la formación liderada por el vocalista Johan Falberg guitarrista Andreas Carlsson tira por el estilo Symphorce con cortes llenos de energía, mucho metal y gran labor vocal con estribillos pegadizos e intensamente corales.

Todo ayuda cuando tienes buenos músicos, técnicos en sus solos de guitarra como bien marcan Judas Kiss o la excepcional “Dead Messiah” todo un himno metálico más aún si cuentas con Johan (exJaded Heart) a las voces, quien imprime de profundidad y potencia a las canciones.

“let them Burn” es su nueva obra, donde vuelven a subir un peldaño en sus canciones, metal melódico de corte europeo que como en las canciones citadas ofrecen una fuerza rebosante, pero saben calmar los tiempos con emocionalidad “Garden of Stone” donde el señor Johan se sale, a medio camino entre el hard y el metal. Toques más pesados en su base “Constant rage” y densidad más oscura “Until the end of time” se mezclan con un power metal más vivo y cabalgante “Seven times your sin” que destroza los oídos.

La formación sueca sigue empeñada en demostrar su estilo en un género conocido pero que ellos siguen haciendo del mismo algo grande. “Let them burn” es pura quemazón sonora.”

Score: 7/10
/Sergio Fernández
22th of Feb 2013

Our new album ”Let them burn” is now available to buy on www.cdon.se/eu.
Please visit the website for more info or use the links down below.



A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Italian metal site www.rock-metal-essence.com
Please use Google translation for English version etc.
Click on the banner or read the review down below.

”I Denied tornano per la terza volta in studio per presentarci la loro visione aggressiva e possente di metal.

In questo 2013 esce infatti l’album Let Them Burn, pubblicato dalla Sliptrick Records, che mette finalmente le idee in chiaro sull’eccezionale qualità di questo progetto guidato dalla voce di Johan Fahlberg, già frontman degli hard rocker Jaded Heart.

Let Them Burn è infatti un gran bel disco heavy / groove metal, capace di innalzare un muro sonoro di tutto rispetto e di affiancarlo con influenze di derivazione thrash metal ma soprattutto power metal, in particolare nella bella voce di Fahlberg, capace di trasformarsi letteralmente a seconda che si trovi di fronte a una parte energica e puramente groove, o a una più melodica e necessitante di un gridato e bellissimo acuto. Un super artista che si fa accompagnare da una formazione di tutto rispetto, con il batterista Pete Dolls in primo piano con il suo drumming infernale, il bassista Fredde Isaksson maestro nel creare profondità e nell’amplificare l’insieme, e in due chitarristi Andreas Carlsson e Chris Vowden fenomenali nei loro cattivissimi riff, granitici, tecnici, thrash e metallici, e di assoluto impatto.

Un grande songwriting rende l’album vario e ispirato lungo la sua intera tracklist. Judas Kiss mette fin da subito i puntini sulle i, spazzandoci via con la sua irruenza e violenza. Dead Messiah alimenta la fiamma con un riffing geniale, Garden Of Stone si presenta come una oscura mid-tempo in stile Testament / Iced Earth, e Constant Rage come una magistrale fucilata in pieno volto di pura adrenalina. A discapito del titolo quasi romantico, Until The End Of Time non cala di una virgola l’impatto di questa musica, seguita a ruota dalle ottime e martellanti Lesser Son e Seven Times Your Sin, e sul finale Nothing Is Sacred e The Black Room catturano l’essenza più pura della band, tra riff in primo piano, vocalità sugli scudi e un ritmo sempre incalzante. Chiude In Hell, hit assoluta del disco forte di eccezionali parti soliste di chitarra e di un ritornello tutto da gridare.


Un puro terremoto di riff e adrenalina, Let Them Burn è un eccezionale capitolo heavy/groove metal da ascoltare e riascoltare ancora. Una vera bomba di potenza e spirito metal. Consigliato.”

Score: 8/10
/Migliori Canzoni
28th of Feb 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Swedish metal site www.slavetometal.net.

”Upplands Väsby is to me known for bands like Europe, Candlemass and H.e.a.t. but now things are going to change!
Denied ( whos´s former members hail from bands like Therion; Opeth, Grave and Jaded heart ) have now released their debutalbum ten years after the band was formed.

I am glad that founder and guitarist Andras Carlsson has been so persistent without giving up because Denied is really taking place, not least because Andreas has found a great singer in Johan Fahlberg (Jaded heart) . Let them burn is a piece of both heavy metal and old school thrashmetal. Bands like Judas priest, Iced earth and Rage are clear paralells and you can also hear some melodic rock as well ( not least with the vocals ) and even some influences from Candlemass pop up. It is heavy, well played, well produced , beautiful and not the least BLOODY GOOD all the same!

Garden of stone, Judas kiss, Nothing is sacred are all proof of a band in their prime. Of all the bands in Sweden devoted to playing Heavy metal today I would say that Denied is the best! Its been long since I heard a Swedish debutalbum this good and that in a genre that I set very high standards! There are not many bands that come close to the giants of heavy metal and traditional thrash but Let them burn is an album that should be included in every metalheads record collection!”

Score: 9/10
/Daniel Eriksson
16th of March 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the Greek metal site www.behindtheveil.hostingsiteforfree.com
Click on the banner or read the review down below.

”What makes metal special? Which are those ingredients that make this music the best in the world and give it “magical” properties? I think this is a hard question to answer since there are several things that make metal so addictive.

DENIED, however, seem to have this recipe and they don’t keep it a secret, but on the contrary they share it with the world through their third full length album, “Let them Burn”. I’ve been following these talented, skillful Swedes a few years now and I fell in love with their music ever since I heard the first notes, so you can only imagine my enthusiasm and how psyched I was to listen to their latest creation. I’m in the really happy position to inform you that DENIED have taken things a step forward and thus have taken their music to the next level. In the beginning and through the first years of the band they kicked it off as a pure thrash metal band, but “Let them Burn” shows another aspect of their music. You see the album is perfectly balancing between heavy and thrash metal while it’s also infused with some power metal and hard rock doses as well that make the end result even more addictive and passionate. So, if all you’re looking for is killer music with catchy riffs, amazing vocals, a solid rhythm section, sing along choruses that stick to your mind and an excellent production then your search is over. You’ve found one of the best samples of high class, top notch heavy/thrash metal there is! A real gem that deserves to be supported and cherished! I’ve always been a fan of DENIED, but apparently I’m now an even greater one!”

Score: 9/10
/Christine Parastatidou
13th of March 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the US metal site www.hardrockhaven.net
Click on the banner or read the review down below.

”Let Them Burn features songs that are built with melodic vocals and lead guitar melodies as the focal point. Underneath under all that melody are arrangements that pull from heavy, thrash and poer metal genres. Johan Fahlberg has a distinctive metal voice that is throaty-gritty and lands in a mid-range timbre. Even with the metal edge, plenty of melody flows from is vocal cords. The guitar work ranges from straight-up heavy metal to thrash metal rhythms, which leads to power metal with all the melody stacked upon each song. The solos are aggressive, speedy and fiery affairs that help build up the energy of each song.

The drums play appropriately as the songs dictate the need: From double bass runs that drive the music to single bass arrangements that allow the song to be spacious and breathe. Dolls has a solid handle on keeping the foundation from crumbling. Isaksson´s bass provides the low-end rumble that fattens the drum´s sonic domain and hammers away, while the guitars maintain the band´s heaviness.

There are 10 songs on let It Burn, but the variety of genres represented within the 37 minute is anything but boring. The first two songs, ”Judas Kiss” and ”Dead Messiah”, cater to the melodic, heavy metal genre. ”Garden Of Stone” opens with an arpeggiated, electric-acoustic guitar sound that leads into a heavy melodic progression. While it has that ballad like, opus-style approach, the music has a dramatic edginess and, again, melodic overtones fill the song. ”Constant Rage” brings in the thrashy-rhythmic guitars and a prominent distorted bass. ”Until The End Of Time” has a middle Eastern influence. ”Lesser Son” has a slower tempo and heavy deliberate rhythmic groove. ”Seven Times Your Sin” swiftly moves back to an up-tempo shredder, featuring plenty of double bass kick drums. ”Nothing Is sacred” and ”The Black Room” continue to combine heavy metal riffs with thrash-oriented grooves. ”In Hell”, the finale, kicks up the tempo and brings Let It Burn to a bombastic conslusion.

Denied certainly would like to have a few more ”officila” releases under the band´s belt, but Let It Burn is a scorching debut. And after almost 10 years, it is well worth the wait. It looks like Andreas Carlsson found the right group of guys, and as a band, they certainly have the right chemistry”.

Score: 9/10
/John Kindred
5th of March 2013

DENIED will perform at Harry B James on Saturday the 30:th of March. Don´t miss it! For further information use the link down below.


A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on metal site www.undergroundmusickzine.blogspot.se
Click on the banner or read the review down below.

”Denied are a band from Sweden that plays a mixture of power and thrash metal and this is a review of their 2013 album ”Let Them Burn” which was released by Sliptrick Records.

Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast drumming with a brief use of blast beats, while the bass playing has a very dark tone with riffs that follow the riffing that are coming out of the guitars and at times they have a very powerful sound to them.

Rhythm guitars range from slow, mid paced to fast riffs that combine power and thrash metal together to create a sound of their own along with a great amount of melody being thrown into the riffing, while the lead guitars are very melodic and old school sounding power/heavy metal guitar solos and leads, as for the acoustic guitars when they are utilized they use finger picking to bring a power ballad feeling to the album.

Vocals are mostly clean singing power/heavy metal vocals with a brief use of deep growls, spoken word parts and back up shouts, while the lyrics cover dark themes with a touch of occultism, as for the production it has a very strong, powerful, heavy and professional sound where you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present on this recording.

In my opinion Denied are a very great sounding power/thrash metal band and if you are a fan of the musical genre, you should enjoy this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE ”Judas Kiss” ”Garden Of Stone” ”Lessor Son” and ”In Hell”. RECOMMENDED BUY”.

Score: 4/5
28th of February 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the swedish metal site www.getmetal.com
Click on the banner or read the review down below.

”I have to say this is in some ways a project, a band formed by a guitarist named Andreas Carlsson. The band who´s members consist of Pete Dolls on drums, Johan Fahlberg (Jaded heart) on vocals, Chris Vowden (ex-Opeth) on guitar and Fredrik Isaksson (ex-Therion ex Grave) on bass.

Like others in the media, you could actually call this a superband or a supergroup and I have a lot of experience from this but not from many swedish bands. There are quite a lot of American bands that try to mix different musicians and some sound amazingly well while others should´nt have started in the first place. But Denied is a band to count on in my opinion. Quality metal with the feel of the 80´s but with a more modern sound combined very nicely and the production really impresses me!

During the last 5 years there has been a few swedish bands that show the best of the 80´s heavymetal, giving it a modern sound and most of them have proven to be of great quality. I´m not sure if there is a new era dawning or whatever but evenif the 80´s was the biggest success for many of the genres the music has survived even through later decades too. So this is probably just another wave of heavymetal bands.

In this case Denied has pushed forward the heaviest part of the genre with the melodic part which gives it a great contrast in their music and also a good balance in between and not many bands succeed in doing this. I also think that they have taken the raweness which heavymetal took from rock and given it extra power and energy to the sound.

Their frontman Johan Fahlberg can also be found in Jaded heart. That band has not impressed me but Johan on the other hand has a strong voice which he uses with great rawness bringing more energy to the music and I have to be honest that there is nothing to complain about! If you like metal then I am absolutely certain that you will like Denied. I alsio like that the band go back to their roots and bring that sound to this decade!”

Score: 4/5
20th of February 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the US metal site www.heavymetal.about.com
Click on the banner or read the review down below.

”It has been five years since the last album from Denied, and the Swedish band introduces several new members on Let Them Burn, including vocalist Johan Fahlberg (Jaded Heart). The band mixes several styles into their sound, which is based mainly in traditional and power metal.

Denied’s music is melodic, and Fahlberg is a great addition. He’s versatile and has a wide range, able to pull off power ballads, mid-tempo songs and even heavier thrashy tracks like ”Constant Rage. The dual guitar attack of Andy Carlsson and Chris Vowden shines throughout with potent riffs and soaring solos. Both the songwriting and musicianship on Let Them Burn are excellent”.

Score: 4/5
/Chad Bowar
26th of February 2013

Guitarist Andreas Carlsson has been interviewed by the largest newspaper for Rock/Metal in Scandinavia, Sweden Rock Magazine #March 2013.
Make sure to get a copy of that!

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the swedish metal site www.getmetal.com
Click on the banner or read the review down below.

”I have to say this is in some ways a project, a band formed by a guitarist named Andreas Carlsson. The band who´s members consist of Pete Dolls on drums, Johan Fahlberg (Jaded heart) on vocals, Chris Vowden (ex-Opeth) on guitar and Fredrik Isaksson (ex-Therion ex Grave) on bass.

Like others in the media, you could actually call this a superband or a supergroup and I have a lot of experience from this but not from many swedish bands. There are quite a lot of American bands that try to mix different musicians and some sound amazingly well while others should´nt have started in the first place. But Denied is a band to count on in my opinion. Quality metal with the feel of the 80´s but with a more modern sound combined very nicely and the production really impresses me!

During the last 5 years there has been a few swedish bands that show the best of the 80´s heavymetal, giving it a modern sound and most of them have proven to be of great quality. I´m not sure if there is a new era dawning or whatever but evenif the 80´s was the biggest success for many of the genres the music has survived even through later decades too. So this is probably just another wave of heavymetal bands.

In this case Denied has pushed forward the heaviest part of the genre with the melodic part which gives it a great contrast in their music and also a good balance in between and not many bands succeed in doing this. I also think that they have taken the raweness which heavymetal took from rock and given it extra power and energy to the sound.

Their frontman Johan Fahlberg can also be found in Jaded heart. That band has not impressed me but Johan on the other hand has a strong voice which he uses with great rawness bringing more energy to the music and I have to be honest that there is nothing to complain about! If you like metal then I am absolutely certain that you will like Denied. I alsio like that the band go back to their roots and bring that sound to this decade!”

Score: 4/5
20th of February 2013

Use the link to check it out!


A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the german metal site www.metalfields.com
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”DENIED from sweden. The band formed by Andreas Carlsson back in 2003 delivers us their brand new album „Let them Burn“. It’s the band’s third full release as far as I know, but the first one with a label (Sliptrick Records) in their back. Beside Carlsson we can find some well known bandmembers like Jaded Heart vocalist Johan Fahlberg, Chris Vowded (ex Opeth) or Fredde Isaksson (ex Therion, Grave). Good references indeed. Together with a nice artwork all is ready for a great metal show. Here we go….

It starts with the „Judas Kiss“. Uptempo banger with great refrain. Fahlberg’s vocals fit perfect to that kind of speed/-power metal. Solid guitar work forwards the song to a melodic speedster in best tradition of bands like Firewind or Mytic Prophecy.

Yes after that Kiss of Judas the „Dead Messiah“ has to follow. The base sound is a bit darker and deeper. The song points again with the refrain. Such a sleazy touch in it. Mötley Crüe ? Not at all, but not far away from the sleaze legend’s chartbreakers. Even Skid Row in their best times come in mind. It’s rockin’ baby !!

Balladesque beginning in „Garden of Stone“. Acoustic guitars change with monumental leads into the bombastic refrain. Best Axel Rudi Pell tradition. Semi-ballad per excellence. Not only for the ladies. Great vocals, great guitars – a song made for the stadiums of the world.

As the song title promises, „Constant Rage“ speeds up again. More aggressive vocals, pushing drums. Thrashy, uptempo smasher without forgotten harmonies in the refrain. Interesting guitar sequences rounds it up.

Mystical, oriental sounds open „Until the end of time“. Heavy riffing builds the base and the vocals sound a little disharmonic to the music. The refrain doesn’t catch your ears like in the songs before. This one underlines more the epic, progressive ambitions that Denied wants to let us know. And yes…it’s working good to see the band shipping in that waters.

„Lesser Son“ is an older song renewed by the band. Still a heavy, powerful track. More shouts in the back of the refrain gives it a harder touch. Riff song on stamping ground.

Also „Seven Times your Sin“ is not a real new song. It’s a track from their first release updated into the year 2013. Speedful kickin’ ass fast forward. Except of the short guitar solo a straight song. For me a little bit too straight. One or another break would have been great for this song. Therefore the amazing screams of Fahlberg in the end idemnifies for that.

„Nothing is Sacred“….yes, I know. Again a really heavy song. It lives from the hard riffing and the shouted vocals. Before the refrain the song slows a bit and brings it nearly in doom metal fields. More space for a guitar solo here shows the quality of Carlsson a lot. Great musicians, but not the album highlight.

Another older song to follow. „The Black Room“ lives from it’s straightness. Remembers me again to 80′s US Hard Rock heroes in more heavy dress. One guitar line from the beginning to the end without any ups and downs. And inbetween the straight vocals, always performed in the same middle heights. Chorusline becomes refrain, refrain becomes chorusline. Hookline monster !!

And in the end we are now „In Hell“. The last song continues the last two songs but varies between clear and shouted vocals. Guitars playing partly in whirlwind style….partly riffs you to hell. A short break in the middle, but all in all another straight song at last.

„Let them Burn“ is a high quality metal album that combines stadium attitude, like the big 80′s hard rock legends with straight, speed songs. Til the first old song („Lesser Son“) I would have said, that there is coming the next big thing in widescreen hard rock. But with the renewing of the old songs the album is losing a bit of it’s magic. From here the band is focussed on straight songs, that are good to listen and well played, but the album’s first half for me offered more (new) quality in songwriting and sound.

So, this is definetely a good hard rock/metal album with it’s strenghts in the first half. And I think, that if Denied will bring us only new written songs on their next release, that one ill be an absolutely killer album. But this one is absolutely worth for being related with 8 points. Keep on going your way guys!”

Score: 8/10
23th of February 2013

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”This is the third release for DENIED, an Underground Swedish band reputed for counting in his ranks (and acting as their frontman) the mighty Johan Fahlberg from JADED HEART fame. Yep, the very same guy that had to fill the Michael Bormann’s big shoes when this charismatic singer had left his own band for a solo career.

But wait a minute, speaking of Germany’s finest JADED HEART, there is not a single trace of AOR or melodic Hard Rock here, instead it’s a pretty ballsy Groove / Power Metal with occasional Thrash elements and a raw instinct in simple heavy to the bone straight riffage: while the aggressive and harsh vocals remains clear however still full of bitterness, the melody is still very present.

The Swedish Paradox, is that they never created something really new but they are the kings in updating each and every category in Metal, and making them their own by adding some ultra catchy or hyper smart ingredients to it and finally, they have the most talented and the most brilliant, intelligent and diverse scene in all genuine sub-style of Heavy Music.

Indeed, in DENIED’s case, the music come directly from the great American bands from the late 80s but with the huge condiment seasoning in the melodies very typical of the Stockholm piquancy style, the playing level is also (as always in Sweden) pretty elevated and the sound is organic, penetrating and Powerful enough to give a good justice for those songs full of nasty & mean Metal flavoured with Thrashed angered Power.

Overall, there is no trace of Euro Metal at all, no cheesy orchestration or happy melodies, it’s Darker than your usual Scandi Power Metal. It sounds like a mix between MORGANA LEFAY, late ANGEL DUST (“In Hell”) and the contemporary line provided by NOCTURNAL RITES (”Judas Kiss”, ”Dead Messiah” or ”Until the End of Time”).

Numerous songs had put on featuring, the classic ‘Great-gang-backing-vocals-choir’ trick, in the huge TESTAMENT / ANTHRAX / VICIOUS RUMORS fashion, some riffs are even pretty close to the PANTERA’s “Far Beyond Driven” sharp sound (“Lesser Son”) and the paces are variable from fast (”Constant Rage”) to mid tempos like ”Garden of Stone” and “The Black Room” which are the heaviest songs with tasty and realistic groovy elements. Only complaint could be done for some, too similar or repetitive singing in the verse between tracks like ”Judas Kiss” and ”Lesser Son” but happily the salving chorus is always invigorating.

If, I had to find a comparative release: Swedes fellows as DAYS OF ANGER with their ”Deathpath” album or ”A Farewell To Nothing-The Diary Part 1” by INMORIA in 2011, followed the same tortuous path, but I think “Afterlife” by NOCTURNAL RITES is clearly the closest album out of the immense Swedish Steel scene.

This album is more or less like a best-of, as most of the tracks were recorded before by the old line up for the early albums, but those reworked versions are clearly superior to their originals, so they should be considered as the definitive renditions and as the first albums were more than confidential it seems that is a smart move. From now on, the band is on the right tracks to produce something totally new and fresh and I already have some serious anticipation even a few high expectations for the next opus. The wait has begun”.

Score: 8/10
18th of February 2013

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”Swedish trashers Denied has released two albums on their own, but everything drastically changed a few years ago, when a leader and inspirer joined forces with the band – vocalist Johan Fahlberg from the german hard rockers Jaded Heart. Johan took the music to a very high international level, and has made Denied a heavy metal band with the impact of trash and just a little bit of hard rock.
Imagine a fusion of the most powerful, fastest, and heaviest songs of Jaded Heart and hard, aggressive swedish power metal – and there you have Denied’s third album. The wonderful vocal music of this recording is thanks to – you know who, but the other guys have also done a good job by playing with their best quality, skillfully and harmoniously. The recording is also superbly clear and of high quality. The bottom line is, they did a strong and interesting work that deserves attention from the fans of Jaded Heart and swedish power metal fans in general. Especially the song ”Judas Kiss”, in which the guys did really well and will be 100 percent their business card for quite a long time. We can only wish them to never give up and continue to please fans of melodic metal with albums just as good in the future”.

Score: 8/10
17th of February 2013

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”What a better way to mark the tenth anniversary of your band by releasing the third album in your musical career and that is exactly what Swedish Thrashers Denied have done, sticking together Heavy Metal epic numbers with tunes of agile brutality together and leaving the album finishing on a note that warrants much more from this five-piece. ‘Let Them Burn’ shifts gears across the ten tracks that drive this album, perhaps it’s coincidental that ten tracks are for the ten years this band has been around, but if the last song title is anything to go by then the band has issues, ironically the song ‘In Hell’ sums up the release to the very last note, simply put ‘Let Them Burn’ is a juicy and explosive burst of Heavy Metal vocals and slaying Thrash Metal music”.

Score: 8/10
/Rhys Stevenson
13th of February 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the swedish metal site www.rocksverige.se
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”Sometime during the summer of 2012 I found a song on youtube called ”Garden of stone”. The band was Denied.
The song was one of the best up-tempo ballads I had ever heard. Just recently, Denied haver released their debutalbum ”Let them burn” with the same line-up. The album was released on January 26th through Sliptrick records and was co-produced and mixed by Fredrik Folkare of swedish band Unleashed and mastered by Rickard Sporrong at Dugout productions. The critical question for me was if the rest of the album could match ”Garden of stone” which I had already fallen in love with.

The album starts with ”Judas kiss”. Already, from the intro i´m hooked as if by a wake-up call. AS fast melodic song which is hard not to like and with a catchy chorus.
Johan Fahlberg has that slight touch of viciousness in his voice that I appreciate som much. The song is really good but for god´s sake dont´try to dance to ”Judas kiss”!

The second song on the album is ”Dead messiah” and once again Johan shows us what a great singer he is. A melodic song with a chorus you quickly sing along to whether you want to or not.
It is slightly disharmonic but this only shows the high quality of musicianship the guys can do to pull this off! The disharmony that shows in some of their songs is a part of their style and reminds me slightly of Candlemass. ”Dead messiah” is one of the songs on the album that I know I will sing and dance to this summer, strong and very catchy.

The third song is my old favourite, the powerballad ”Garden of stone”. This incredibly strong song made me fall in love as early as from the demo stage and now it sounds even better.
This is a song that in my opininon has a good chance of joining the last decades list of of the greatest ballads of all time and I think it´s only fair to compare it to ”The winds of change” by the Scorpions which touched me very much and many others during the 90´s.

”Constant rage” is the fourth song and is again fast, hard and has the kind of disharmony I have heard in previous songs. Wonderful rythm and tone changes and a great guitarsolo. A song that you dont notice you are moving to.

Song nr 5 is 2Until the end of time” with parts that mix with a more oriental sound rather than disharmonic. Johan uses his voice like an instrument surfing up and down the soundwaves, beautiful!

”Lesser son” has the same typical touch of disharmony as previous songs. A strong and a bit heavier song that the guys have all reason to be proud of.

Song nr 7 ”Seven times your sin” also has the the sound which is typical for Denied. Another heavy song, strong and melodic.

”Nothing is sacred” is´nt as strong as the rest of the album. A little dark and a little pessimistic, but of course…you cant be happy all the time.

The song before the last one is ”The black room”. It is strong, melodic and leans toward a darker sound, easy to like and once again I find myself moving to the rythm

The last song is the fast and heavy ”In hell”. Johans vocals are raw and awesome. Pete works up a sweat behind the drums. Guitarists Andreas Carlsson and Chris Vowden get to show what stuff they are made of and bassplayer Fredrik Isaksson shows his true colours. It is very difficult not to like ”In hell”!

The album is very well crafted in every way and the sound is awesome. I am amazed that this is Denied´s debutalbum partly because these guys are not any young and shy debutants and that I am also surprised that they have´nt been picked up way earlier by any of the major record labels in the business and also because they don´t have any booked gigs in the larger arenas!
This years winner would have to be the up and coming Westbay heaven & hell festival who has booked Denied for May 25th. ”Let them burn” has just recently been released but I cant stop thinking about how Denied are going to top this with their next album? Okay, their music is´nt ”groundbreaking” but does it really matter?

”Let them burn” can easily be on of the best albums of 2013 with it´s mix ofmetal, Powermetal and pieces of thrash”.

Score: 9/10
/Christina Grönlund
12th of February 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the french site www.rockmeeting.com.
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”After the wonderful digital EP titled Judas Kiss, DENIED reveals now their ten-track release. To put a link between the EP and the full-length opus, the band uses again the character Mr.Blindman – yeah, I know, this is how I’ve named him – who was already present on the EP artwork. This time, our Swedish Eddie isn’t tortured by machine but by fanatatic people… Those people burn him, put him on the test of fire ! And may be, is it the same thing to DENIED? The opus Let Them Burn is composed of a Melodic Metal which skilfully mixed melodic and extreme musical touches together. From what influences which come to my mind, there’re BLACK SABBATH and ANTHRAX, for rhytmic and vocal lines (a few growls can be heard, for example). Influence doesn’t mean « only a copy of », of course! DENIED has got their own identity! From the ten tracks, I’m fond of Judas Kiss and In Hell for their dynamism ;Garden Of Stone for his gracefulness ; The Black Room and Lesser Son for their power ;Seven Times Your Sin for his speed and Nothing Is Sacred. This selection, I’m convinced, will evolve with time. All in all, excepted the lack of suprise (I already knew a large part of the songs), Let Them Burn is a solid and good start (or rebirth). In this album, I feel that DENIED needs to bring and share their music all around the world. Without a doubt, this is one of THE 2013 releases you’ve to get!”.

Score: 4,5/5

/Ewen Saliou

10th of February 2013


Guitarist Andreas Carlsson has been interviewed by the swedish newspaper Close Up Magazine #148 March 2013.
Make sure to get a copy of that!

We are very proud to announce that DENIED will take part of the Westbay Heaven And Hell festival 2013, Saturday 25th of May, among artists like Fatal Smile, Sister Sin, The Scams, Morifade and others.

Ticket info at www.westbayheavenandhell.com

A review of our digital EP ”Judas Kiss” is available on the german metal site www.rockingboymagazin.blogspot.de/.
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”The Swedish band Denied delivers classic metal with character and real cool melodies, with
their frontman Johan Fahlberg (Jaded Heart) and guitarist Andreas Carlsson.
I would say Denied places themselves somewhere between Judas Priest and Rage, so you are
able to make a picture of their sound. All the members have been playing in different bands for several years. The result is
loads of experience and it is noticeable. Every note is spotless, the melodies are out of this world, and every song comes out roaring from
the speakers. The necks should be twitching on everyone who loves metal. Even the halfballad ”Garden Of Stone” gets point´s with me. It resembles the style of
Jaded Heart, but does not get ridiculous in any way. I do on the other hand prefer the two harder tracks, and let them lead me to the kingdom of Denied”.

Score: 8/10
/Markus Riedelsheimer
30th of Januari 2013

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”The third album of Swedish band Denied. Decent Power/Heavy Metal with occasional Modern Thrash elements and some melodic parts. There is no happy-power here at all. It is in the same vein with later works of Nocturnal Rites (though a bit thrashy), German Brainstorm, Morgana Lefay and Incrave. Some riffings and guitar solos are even in a Mercyful Fate tradition. Johan Fahlberg’s voice is strong, neither sweet nor too brutal it definitely fits well here. Drumming is powerful and mighty.

Overall pace is not very fast however songs like “Judas Kiss”, “Constant Rage”, “Seven Times Your Sin” and “In Hell” are really killer up-tempo tracks that could be considered the best.

The most melodic track is “Dead Messiah” but in general the music is full with aggressive riffs and dark melodies, even power half-ballad “Garden of Stone” sounds really heavy. Some mid-Eastern elements could be heard in “Until the End of Time”, it’s a very magnificent and epic composition, and I enjoyed it very much. “Lesser Son” and “The Black Room” are the heaviest songs with groovy elements. They are possibly slightly weaker than others but only because I prefer faster songs a bit more.

The production is great, all instruments and vocals sound clean and distinct. The musicianship is not very original but decent; without any doubts the band has its own face. Musicians surely could create memorable songs. So “Let Them Burn” is a very good release and could be certainly recommended to all fans of Swedish Metal scene and dark Power Metal”.

Score: 8/10
/Egor “EG Power”
4th of Februari 2013

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the US metal site www.metalunderground.com.
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”Denied has been kicking around the metal scene for about ten years now and now seeks to start a new chapter with Jaded Heart vocalist Johan Fahlberg. Denied describes itself as thrash metal, but if the group resembles that genre on any level, it would be “old school thrash.” Back in the 80′s, when thrash took roots, bands like Anvil, Metal Church, Metallica, Slayer, Exciter, and Venom brought it to prominence. Even then there was the slightly “chaotic” thrash (Venom), but it was deemed “speed metal” and by today’s standards it might be labeled “power metal.” Denied is more in the Metal Church realm and the music on “Let Them Burn” is more power and traditional than thrash. No beef from me, as whatever you want to call the band, Denied has put together a solid release of molten metal, although perhaps nothing groundbreaking.

It takes four tracks of speedy riffs (“Judas Kiss”), rocking traditional harmonies (“Dead Messiah”) and mid-paced power (“Garden of Stone”) before anything resembling thrash appears. “Constant Rage” stands out as a real burner with ripping darker riffs from the twin guitar attack of Andy Carlsson and Chris Vowden with Fahlberg showing a much grittier “Peavy Wagner/Rage” style at times. “Let Them Burn” will not likely change the face of metal, but Denied prefers its guitar heads dipped in Kurdt Vanderhoof’s well with a little later day Meliah Rage thrown in. At the same time, Fahlberg’s “jaded heart” shows through in tracks like “Nothing is Sacred” and “Until the End of Time.”

One word about Fahlberg that bears mentioning…though he is a very talented vocalist, he treads tediously in the upper mid range. Halfway through “Until the End of Time,” I was screaming for just one upper level shriek belted from the depths of hell. It would have put an exclamation point on the track just before the solo, but alas, it wasn’t to be. All it would have taken is a few rafter shaking screams scattered throughout to break up the monotony of holding those mid-notes a little too long. Clearly, he is capable.

Favorite tracks on “Let Them Burn” are the chunky riffs of “Nothing is Sacred” (with – you guessed it – a nicely well placed pause) and “The Black Room,” but the winner is the heavily Metal Church driven closer “In Hell.” Here, finally, at the end is where Fahlberg lets loose a couple of much needed wails after the chorus! It left me wondering where that was throughout the whole album and wanting to hear much more of it”.

On the whole, Denied has put together a very enjoyable release with some great musicianship and catchy tunes. “Let Them Burn” offers no ground breaking new metal, but Denied prefers it that way. Fans of “original thrash,” power, and traditional metal should give this a whirl and you will find that the riffage will bind to your sense of metal pride.

Score: 3,5/5
/Carl Frederick
1th of Februari 2013

DENIED will perform at Harry B James on Thursday the 21:th of February. Don´t miss it! For further information use the link down below.

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the dutch metal site www.tempelores.com.
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”The Swedish band Denied has just released its third album called “Let Them Burn”. The band was formed near Stockholm in 2003 by Andreas Carlsson. Considering that the band was back with a new line-up composed of vocalist Johan Fahlberg (Jaded Heart/Ex-Insania), guitarist Chris Vowden (Ex-Abnormality/Ex-Absurd) and bassist Fredrik Isaksson (Ex-Therion/Ex-Grave) we were ready for some pleasant surprise. It seems that this album has gone beyond our expectations.

Let Them Burn is excellent dynamic heavy metal, with a touch of 90’s hard rock for the atmosphere. Though that Denied is sometime described as “trash” or “brutal” metal, the songs are all melodic. The “brutal” could be in the scathing riffs or in the clear and impressively powerful voice of Fahlberg, who doesn’t hesitate to burn his vocal cords. The guys are not born from the last rain and the professionalism is evident.

Then, it’s said that the band has earned a reputation for their live shows. This is plain obvious. It’s hard to believe that it’s a studio album so much you have the impression that you are in front of the stage in a huge area; a feeling that is increased by an exaggerating use of grandiloquent effects. You can hear the guys haranguing the frenetic crowd on Dead Messiah and on the explosive Lesser Son.
From the greasy Judas Kiss to In Hell, the album is never short-winded. Unfortunately, never slowing down the tempo makes the songs a little bit too similar and the melancholic ballad Garden Of Stone is the only one getting clearly out of the lot at a first listening. But whatever, at the end you just wish that there would be more to listen to”

/Martine Goffard

A review of our new album ”Let them burn” is available on the swedish metal site http://www.rocknytt.net
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”First I have to say and I have to admit that I love Johan Fahlbergs voice and the way he sings. He have almost on his own made JADED HEART to be a really good band again.

Year of 2009 he joined forces with the two guitarists Andreas Carlsson and Chris Vowden (ex-OPETH) and the drummer Pete Dolls. Bass player Fredrik Isaksson (ex-THERION, GRAVE) also joined the band in summer 2011 and made DENIED complete. It’s a mystery they haven’t made a record until now, but it’s never too late.

How do DENIED sounds? Well, where should I start? I’m totally knocked out! It’s so extremely good I can hardly explain it. I want to use swearing words with the caps lock button on! The music is hard and melodic and Johan shows how he dominates with his voice even in the really heavier parts. If I have to relate the music to other bands I would say early FIREWIND, MYSTIC PROPHECY, SEVEN WITHES and JUDAS PRIEST in their hard and heavier parts. It is this kind of metal that crushes everything in its way, and I love it! I’m thinking of which songs I should mention in this review but it’s hard. The quality is so good it’s unfair not to mention them all. It’s simply ten awesome tracks on this record. Those who hit me first are the hard and groovy ’Seven times your sin’ and ’Lesser son’. The powerballad ’Garden of stone’ is also a positive meeting. The fast ’In hell’ makes it impossible to sit still and I’m afraid when it’s played in the car stereo I will suffer from ”pedal to the metal” syndrome. The production is also extremly good and the sound is what i hoped the new HELLOWEEN record would sound like.

To call this a debut feels not right cos´ these guys been around before. This is anyway the best debut record I have ever heard! Well done boys! I hope this record and the band will get the attention they deserve”

Score: 9/10

/Thord Pettersson

30th of January 2013



DENIED will perform at Pub Anchor on Thursday the 31:th
of January. Dont miss it! For further information click on the pic..


We are very proud to announced that new album ”Let them burn” will hit the streets on January the 26 th and on all digital platforms.
PRE-ORDER the album at www.sliptrickrecords.com


We are very proud to announce that new digital ep ”Judas Kiss” now are released wordwide!
Check out Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Reverbnation & Soundcloud to get some piece of the action!
For more info, check out
The world´s largest metal website, www.blabbermouth.net has Monday 26 Nov posted news about DENIED. Use the link down below to check it out!

DENIED will be broadcasted on the US metal site www.themetalmadman.com on their webradio show on Wednesday the 21:th of November, 7 – 11 pm pst.
For further information use the link down below.

DENIED will perform at Harry B James on Thursday the 13:th of December. Don´t miss it! For further information use the link down below.

Guitarist Andreas Carlsson has been interviewed by the local newspaper Mitt I Upplands Väsby.
Use the link down below to check it out.! Go to page 22-23.

Guitarist Andreas Carlsson has been interviewed by the swedish site www.vasby.nu
Use the link down below to check it out!

The swedish metal website www.rocksverige.se has Wednesday 24 Oct posted news about DENIED. Use the link down below to check it out!http://rocksverige.zitiz.se/2012/10/24/denied-har-landat-skivkontrakt__67035

The world´s largest metal website, www.blabbermouth.net has Monday 23 Oct posted news about DENIED. Use the link down below to check it out!

The swedish metal website www.rocknytt.net has Thursday 18 Oct posted news about DENIED. Use the link down below to check it out!


We are proud to announce that Denied has signed a recorddeal with american label Sliptrick Records. Debut album ”Let them burn” will be released early 2013.

DENIED will perform together with ROUGH DIAMOND at Garage Rock Club in Märsta/Stockholm om Friday the 28:th of September. For more information:www.garagerock.se

DENIED will perform at Pub Anchor on Wednesday the 29:th
of August. Dont miss it! For further information click on the pic..


DENIED will perform at this years Tingvalla Rock Festival held in Märsta/Stockholm on Saturday the 1 of September.
More info to come


The mastering procedure of the upcoming album will behandled by Rickard Sporrong/The RRong redRoom at the famous Dugout Productions in Uppsala/Sweden

On Monday the 11th of June we head into the studio together with Henrik Westerlund to record the drumtrack for un upcoming, as of yet untitled, single.
The song will not appear on the album but instead it will be available for free download on our website. Keep posted for more info.


JÄGERMEISTER – RELEASED – Live & Unsigned 2012
Drummer Pete Dolls of DENIED has been picked as a model for Jägermeister´s advertising campaign and music competition called Released – Live & Unsigned 2012.Be sure to check it out!

Do you have the skill and passion to design cool merchandise and wants to become a part of the DENIED family, send your application to deniedworld@hotmail.com

DENIED has been picked as the band of the week at the Swedish metal site www.rocksverige.se.
They have also posted an interview with guitarist Andreas Carlsson.
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Denied bildades i Upplands Väsby, i utkanten av Stockholm, 2003 av Andreas Carlsson. Hängiven tung, men samtidigt melodisk, metal ville han som en sann visionär göra något med sin dröm om att skapa Bandet med stort B.Bandet spelade in sin första demoplatta 2005, plattan hette ”Seven Times Your Sin” och den blev en lokal succé och fick lite tid i etern och en del gig som följd, mest i Stockholmsområdet. Ett par av deras låtar lirades också lite i radioprogrammet Rock-klassiker.
I september samma år genomgick Denied sin första förändring i line-upen när bassisten Robert Stellmar och trummisen Pete Dolls rekruterades.

2006 började bandet öva in nytt material. De nya låtarna visade upp ett tyngre och starkare sida än tidigare.
Efter två år av inspelningar såg bandets andra demoalbum ”New Army For The Old Revolution” dagens ljus i slutet av 2008. För att fira detta hölls ett releaseparty i deras hemstad Upplands Väsby, där de gav 600 fans en show de sent skulle glömma.

Bandet har ett välförtjänt rykte om att vara en utmärkt liveakt från sina föreställningar på olika rockklubbar i Stockholmsområdet. Under åren har Denied varit support till band som Dream Evil, Sister Sin och Entombed bland andra. Deras förmåga att få publiken med sig i sin intensitet har blivit ett varumärke för Denied.

Under 2009 presenterade Denied stolt sin gamle vän Johan Fahlberg (från tyska Jaded Heart) som sin nya vokalist och i november anslöt sig Chris Vowden (ex OPETH), gitarrist, till bandet. I maj 2011 bandet skildes bandet och basisten Robert Stellmar åt. Fredrik Isaksson (ex. Therion och Grav) anslöt sig till bandet som ny basist i juni 2011. Med Johan som sångare var de med på Sweden Rock Magazines samlingsplatta för ett par år sedan med låten Seven Times Your Sin.

I november 2011 startade bandet processen att spela in nya låtar till en ny release under 2012. Mixningen kommer att hanteras av den hyllade musikern Fredrik Folkare från svenska Unleashed Metalers.

Via telefon får jag kontakt med Andreas, gitarrist och grundare av Denied. Så fort jag fått honom på tråden bubblar han av glädje, och det hörs att musik och framförallt Denieds musik ligger honom fruktansvärt varmt om hjärtat.

Vem/vilka skriver text och musik?

Det är jag själv som skriver 95% av musiken och Chris Vowden är den som skriver texterna sen han började i bandet.
Själv är jag oskolad musiker och Denied är mitt första band, medan övriga medlemmar är allt annat än duvungar i sammanhanget.
(Jag kan bara hålla med för i bandet finns stor kompetens och många års erfarenhet.)

Kan du berätta lite om de byten av bandmedlemmar som varit?

Oavsett hur vi fungerat ihop och oavsett varför vi gått skilda vägar, kan det vara svårt att skiljas. Nu känns som att samtliga positioner i Denied är fyllda av rätt person Nu känns det rätt, vi är som en stor familj med lika knäppa killar som har samma mål. Nu har vi hittat hem.

Berätta om plattan ni jobbar med.
Är inte så mycket jag kan berätta. Det kommer att vara 10 låtar på den, en del nyskrivna och ett par från våra demoplattor, men med nya arr så de passar Denied som vi vill låta idag. 9 av 10 låtar är klara. En ballad kommer nog att finnas med, men inte en smörig ballad utan en som är lugn och stark. Det blir raka låtar med starka refränger, 2-3 låtar med dubbelstamp och en som har Candlemass-ådran. Jag är nog själv vår största kritiker och vissa ändringar kommer nog innan vi är helt klara med plattan.

Kommer plattan att släppas i fysisk form eller digitalt?

Den kommer att släppas digitalt. Jag själv gillar att hålla plattan i handen och vi kommer att släppa den i fysisk form med, på ett eller annat sätt. Skivbolag och management är inget vi har klart i nuläget.

Hur gick de gamla demoplattorna?

Av Seven Times Your Sin gjordes och såldes 500 ex, av The New Army For The Old Revolution gjordes och såldes 1000. De enda exen vi har kvar är mer eller mindre de vi behållit för våra privata skivsamlingar.

När släpper ni plattan?

Svårt att säga, om jag säger under sommaren om inget strular så känns det inte helt orimligt i alla fall.

Några inplanerade gig?

Det är väldigt lågprioriterat just nu. När plattan är klar ska vi börja boka runt om i landet och kanske i övriga Europa.

Jag tackar Andreas och vi lägger på. Det slår mig vilken enorm glädje och tillförsikt jag hört under samtalet, och varför inte? Allt talat ju för Denied, det enda som fattas är att fler får en chans att upptäcka deras musik.

Rocksverige.se tackar Denied och speciellt Andreas Carlsson som lovade att återkomma närmare releasen med mer gott att stoppa i hårdrocks-påsen.

A review of our new songs ”GARDEN OF STONE” + ”IN HELL” is available on the swedish metal site www.slavetometal.net
Click on the banner or read the review down below.

”Apparently, Upplands väsby ( Stockholm ) has more to offer than just Europe. With members from bands like Therion, Grave and Opeth including Jaded heart singer Johan Fahlberg, Denied have enough experience to succeed and that is exactly what they are doing. Their two songs ( masterly produced by Fredrik Folkare from Unleashed ) give you two different sides of the band. The first song ”Garden of stone” is a traditional piece of Heavy metal landing between Europe and the Michael Kiske/Kai Hansen collaboration Unisonic while the other song ”In hell” would make Primal fear green with envy, giving me also some vibes from Shotgun messiah! These two songs really make me want to hear more and I absolutely hope their full length album will be released soon!”
Score 9/10.

”Upplands Väsby har tydligen mer att ge än bara EUROPE! Med medlemmar som figurerat i THERION, GRAVE och OPETH plus JADED HEART sångaren Johan Fahlberg vid mikrofonen har DENIED tillräckligt med erfarenhet för att få det hela att lyckas och det är precis vad de gör. Deras två låtar (grymt bra producerade av Fredrik Folkare från UNLEASHED) bjuder på två olika sidor av bandet. Första låten ”Garden of Stone” är en traditionell hårdrocksbit som landar någonstans just mellan EUROPE och Michael Kiske/Kai Hansens nya band UNISONIC medan andra låten ”In Hell” är en låt som skulle göra PRIMAL FEAR avundsjuka – får även lite gamla SHOTGUN MESSIAH vibbar. De två låtarna gör att man helt klart vill höra mer med bandet och jag hoppas att en fullängdare snart kommer att komma ifrån bandet. Detta låter ju riktigt, riktigt lovande!”
Poäng 9/10

DENIED will perform at Pub Anchor on Thursday the 15:th
of Mars. Dont miss it! For further information click on the pic..


The swedish metal website, www.criticalmass.se has Wednesday 22 Feb posted news about DENIED. Use the link down below to check it out!

The swedish metal website, www.criticalmass.se has Thursday 16 Feb posted news about DENIED. Use the link down below to check it out!

The world´s largest metal website, www.blabbermouth.net has Thursday 16 Feb posted news about DENIED. Use the link down below to check it out!

Pictures from our support show to Entombed, Saturday 28 Jan 2012 can be found at the swedish metal website Crank It Up. Use this link to check it out! http://crankitup.se/m/photos/browse/album/Entombed-Garage/owner/LindaFlorin www.crankitup.se ..

DENIED has been confirmed to support Swedish ENTOMBED, Saturday 28 January, at GARAGE, Märsta/Stockholm, Sweden. For more information:www.garagerock.se

DENIED and Nicklas Löfdahl (webmaster) are proud to present the new official website.
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DENIED has been confirmed to support Swedish SISTER SIN, Saturday 17 September,
at Backstage Rockbar in Trollhättan, Sweden. For more information:


DENIED will perform at Pub Anchor on Friday the 16:th
of September. Dont miss it! For further information click on the pic..


DENIED will perform at this years Tingvalladagen, a
festival held in Märsta/Stockholm on Saturday the 3rd of September at 16.40.
More info in the link/folder below.


Guitarist Andreas Carlsson has been interviewed by the french heavy metal site HardLoudNDeep.
Click here to read it.



A review of our new songs ”GARDEN OF STONE” + ”IN HELL” is available on the french metal site Métal Intégral.
Click on the banner or read the review down below.

”DENIED, Swedish group of Melody Metal, is resulting from the scene underground
and carried out by the rhythmic guitarist Andreas CARLSSON . From 2003 to 2008,
DENIED knew to propose two albums, 7 Times Your Sin and The New Army For The
Old Revolution , in company of the old singer.
In October 2008, at the time of the exit of the second shutter, Andreas and its
comparses wish to celebrate in large pump and to support, through a concert,
the disc recently designed. Unfortunately, the band is found without singer
one week before the event.
Beater Pete DOLLS requires, in precipitation, of the assistance to his/her friend of
childhood Johan FAHLBERG (Jaded Heart) . This one accepts and, of this simple
combination of circumstance, which must-being a temporary replacement leads
to a permanent replacement.
In 2009, DENIED records the EP Chapter III- you can find my opinion of the time

, a disc taking again three pieces of the two precedents opus.
I was filled with enthusiasm by Chapter III.
2011 finally pointed the end of its nose, just like two samplers of the new album
of DENIED to appear! They are Garden Of Stone and In Hell . The first reveals
a facet slightly blacksabbathienne, namely an at the same time slow and powerful
song. The second takes again this sharp-edged rate/rhythm suitable for the group.
Two promising titles, finely cut, to discover legally and free on the website of
Swedish, while waiting for the complete album! That it is said, DENIED should
emerge from the shade this year”.
Métal Intégral stars: 4,5 out of 5


//Axl Dobby
DENIED welcomes Fredrik Isaksson (ex Grave) as a new member/bassplayer.

A review of our new songs ”GARDEN OF STONE” + ”IN HELL” is available on the greek metal site Behind The Veil.
Click on reviews/new albums/new releases/summer.

”Approximately two years have passed from the release of their demo and DENIED prove once again with this two track single that they are an ear-catching powerful combo that has the knack to create unbelievably beautiful songs. The two tracks I had the pleasure to enjoy with this single have reinforced the first opinion I had about them…
DENIED are an amazing skillful band and I was more than right to be impressed and enthused with their sound.
They are filed under the thrash metal genre, but things aren’t so straightforward or crystal clear, because the guys like to infuse their thrash metal with a great deal of classic heavy metal tunes and riffs. So, the end result is other times fast, sharp and edgy and other times it has a more subtle energy and power.
Nevertheless their songs are always imbued in passion and love for metal music. I really can’t stop listening to ”Garden of Stone”, whose same titled song reveals a different aspect of the band’s music with its power ballad character and the tornado-like ”In Hell” which is dynamic, heavy and takes you along forcing you into relentless headbanging.
DENIED is a great band who have put forth a flawless single with a great production, superb performances from both the lead and the rhythm sections and is topped by incredible vocals that elevate the end result even more. ”Garden of Stone” is an appetizer for what’s in store for us and I can only say it made me anxious to get my hands on a copy of the upcoming album. DENIED are a band that deserve worldwide recognition!
Check them out and you can only agree with me!”
// Christine Parastatidou/Behind The Veil


DENIED has parted with bassplayer Robert Stellmar.
Full lenght versions of the songs ”Garden Of Stone” and ”In Hell” is now available in the download section for free download.


You can also listen to them at http://www.myspace.com/deniedworld.


These two songs are an appetizer from a coming release of new material from
the band. Both songs have been produced by DENIED and mixed by Fredrik Folkare
from Swedish metalband Unleashed in collaboration with the band.


Click on the picture to read the interview.
DENIED invades Pub Anchor with full force Friday the 22:th of April.
You are all invited to a crazy crazy night at Pub Anchor, Stockholm.
Dont miss it! The link is below.

In November we start the process of recording new songs for a release date in the beginning of 2011.
Drums, guitars, bass and vocals will all be made in Studio Roxx / Stockholm.
The mixing process will be handled by acclaimed musician Fredrik Folkare from Swedish Metalers UNLEASHED.
DENIED are broadcasted this week on episode 78 on the
US metal site www.themetaldeli.com. Among other bands featured on this show
are LA Guns, Deathrash & Grimwolf. Just drag the lever to 24:30, listen & enjoy!
Check out the links for more info:


DENIED are happy to once again invite you to Pub Anchor,
Stockholm. On the 25:th of November DENIED will be there.

Will you? Dont miss it! Link below.


DENIED goes south. On the 13:th of November DENIED will perform at Backstage rock club
in Skövde. Link below.

DENIED will perform at Pub Anchor, on Wednesday the
25:th of August. Some new material from the forthcoming album will be on the
setlist this evening. Join DENIED for this special evening at Pub Anchor.

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DENIED has the pleasure to invite you to an unforgetable
evening, Friday 23 April at Pub Anchor, Stockholm, one of Swedens most famous
rockclubs. Don´t miss it!

DENIED has been confirmed to support DREAM EVIL,
Saturday 17 April, at The
Cave Rock Club
in Sundbyberg, Stockholm.



Support and vote for DENIED to play at Rockweekend Festival
2010. Follow the link, the voting starts at 12 February.



DENIED will be broadcasted on the US metal site
Metalheadradio on their webradio show METAL ASYLUM
on Friday the 15:th of January, 6 pm pst – 10 pm pst
Check it out! www.metalheadradio.com

DENIEDs gig at Garage Rock Club in Märsta, Stockholm

on Saturday 16 Januari is CANCELLED.




DENIED will perform at GARAGE ROCK CLUB in Märsta, Stockholm
on Saturday 16 Januari.

A review of our new demo ”Chapter III” is available
on the canadian rock site
Metal Rules


Denied, these melodic and groovy sounding metallers from
Stockholm,Sweden, have come back with new tricks and threats.
The band has always suffered, more or less, from some line-up
changes over the years, but every setback has its meaningful purpose, I guess.


CHAPTER III, as the title for this ´old-new´ 3-track offering from Denied goes, the purpose of
this recording is obviously to introduce the band´s new vocalist and frontman to the world;
Johan Fahlberg, who also takes care of vocal duties in the German heavy metal band called Jaded Heart.
By the word combination ´old-new´ I meant that Denied have re-recorded 3 of their old songs ripped out
from their previous 2 albums for this promotional release, just to introduce basically how Johan fits
into the band´s leather boots vocally.
Well, it’s no surprising news to most of us, but Johan´s got a very good and powerful voice, much like
their previous singer Jari did have a great voice as well. In that sense Denied has made a right decision
to hire this guy for the new vocalist of the band – and these 3 old Denied songs have also got